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JSON Fling is a simple JSON-RPC framework for NodeJS with built-in permissions and support for different transports.

Updated April 11, 2014

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A Jade template driven email generator. It's bring your own mailer, so provide any mailer instance that conforms to node-mailers interface for sendMail() method.

Updated April 08, 2014

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forked from soichih/node-sgeo

Spherical geometry library for node

Updated April 02, 2014

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TokuMX Native NodeJS Driver

Updated March 07, 2014

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A utility for creating daemons out of NodeJS applications.

Updated February 17, 2014

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A NodeJS client for the OpenAddress geocoding service

Updated February 11, 2014

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A schema control utility. It provides validation and enforcement of object schemas. Schemary is to schema as Trickery is to trick. It is not an ORM

Updated February 06, 2014

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A NodeJS module to interface with Google's URL shortening service.

Updated February 02, 2014

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forked from pgte/nock

HTTP mocking and expectations library

Updated January 26, 2014

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A simple dependency injection container.

Updated January 03, 2014

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This is just demo code to get someone started with node.js

Updated October 04, 2013

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A set of extensions to the node core library, such as an isObject method to parallel isArray, clone method and mixin method.

Updated August 02, 2013

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ASC (pronounced "ask"), stands for asynchronous, self-updating, cache. It serves as a middleware layer between a service and a client. The service could be an in-process library, a file, an external web service, anything. Any time the results from a resource call can be cached, you can use ASC as a proxy to that resource.

Updated April 30, 2013

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Distributed + Chronos = Dronos

Updated March 07, 2013

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A configuration management server written in node using redis for a backend.

Updated December 04, 2012

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