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org.clapper.util Java Utility Library

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The org.clapper.util Java Utility Library is a library of miscellaneous utility classes and methods. As a general-purpose set of tools, this API is a conceptual extension of the JDK.

I don't use this library much any more. I do most of my JVM-based programming in Scala, rather than Java, and my Grizzled Scala library is the Scala-equivalent of this library.

However..., I do ensure that this library is kept up-to-date, and if there are bugs in it, I fix them. If you run into a problem using this library, open an issue, and I will try to address it.

The library is Copyright © 2004-2017, Brian M. Clapper, is released under a New BSD License.

Please see the home page for more information, downloads, and the like.

Building from Source

This software builds with SBT (mostly because I can't stand Maven, and I'm tired of fighting with Gradle).

If you're on a *nix box (including MacOS), simply run:

bin/activator package

If you're on Windows, you'll have to download SBT and run

sbt package

The resulting jar file will be in the target subdirectory.