ARC Echelle Spectroscopic Observation Pipeline (aesop)
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ARC Echelle Spectroscopic Observation Pipeline (aesop)

The ARC Echelle Spectroscopic Observation Pipeline, or aesop, is a high resolution spectroscopy software toolkit tailored for observations from the Astrophysics Research Consortium (ARC) Echelle Spectrograph mounted on the ARC 3.5 m Telescope at Apache Point Observatory. aesop picks up where the traditional IRAF reduction scripts leave off, offering an open development, object-oriented Pythonic analysis framework for echelle spectra.

Basic functionality of aesop includes: (1) blaze function normalization by polynomial fits to observations of early-type stars, (2) an additional/alternative robust least-squares normalization method, (3) radial velocity measurements (or offset removals) via cross-correlation with model spectra, including barycentric radial velocity calculations, (4) concatenation of multiple echelle orders into a simple 1D spectrum, and (5) approximate flux calibration.

For more info, read the docs!


If you make use of aesop in your research, please cite our JOSS paper:

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