Research and document preparation for Some Conferences the week of 14 October 2013
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This repo will house the research for one or more related papers, workshops, exhibits or other works.

Conferences (Scholarly and Otherwise)

The sky is the limit, but to make it interesting, the targets must occur during the week of October 14-18, 2013.

At how many can we physically represent, and create interesting work?

IEEE Vis Week 2013

Atlanta Georgia, USA

  • 13.2.1: Contest / Challenge sample data released
  • 13.3.21: Paper Abstracts(Mandatory)
  • 13.3.31: Full Paper Submission
  • 13.10.16: Date of Conference

Transit GIS Conference

Washington, DC, USA


Chicago, IL, USA

ESRI Health GIS Conference

Cambridge, MA, USA

PyCon DE 2013

Köln, Germany


These will be recombined into multiple papers.

  • Visualization of data related to free/libre open source software development
  • Extension of open source software methodologies to other domains, e.g.
    • scholarly research
    • sustainable farming
  • Impact of data visualization on daily community management and decision-making
  • Proliferation of rich secure web APIs
  • Impact of browser-based technologies in general on open source communities
  • Impact of geodata visualization in decision-making
  • Impact of open source on busines of scholarism [crypto-wrong][]