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Bolt provides designers, developers, and content authors with tools, guidelines, and code to quickly deliver high quality, consistent, maintainable, and scalable solutions.
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.github fix: revert recent update to PR template Jan 16, 2019
docs-site Merge pull request #1101 from bolt-design-system/feature/yeoman-gener… Mar 26, 2019
scripts fix: update failing jest test (based on the current branch name) Mar 22, 2019
test/jest-test-svgs Merge pull request #1102 from bolt-design-system/feature/bolt-icons-t… Mar 15, 2019
.boltrc.js Merge branch 'master' into feature/server-side-rendering Mar 16, 2019
.dockerignore fix: add new line to .dockerignore Mar 12, 2019
.editorconfig v0.1.0 Release (#93) Aug 1, 2017
.incache chore: update .incache, add icon SSR tests and simplify .boltrc used … Mar 4, 2019
.nvmrc feat: upgrade node version spelled out in .nvmrc to latest stable ver… Dec 27, 2018
.snyk Bolt v0.4.0 Release Candidate (#165) Oct 31, 2017
Dockerfile fix: re-test with additional dockerfile updates Mar 12, 2019
babel.config.js feat: update Jest to automatically transpile ES6 code (via Babel) to … Feb 19, 2019
backstop.json merge: merging in latest package consolidation + fixing parts of build Jan 3, 2018
jest-global-setup.js Merge branch 'master' into feature/server-side-rendering Mar 16, 2019
nightwatch.handle-results.js test(@bolt/components-video): update test for bolt-video Feb 14, 2019
nightwatch.local.js refactor: update Nightwatch.js config to run Chrome in headless mode Mar 19, 2019
package.json refactor: update top level NPM scripts + update docs on new CLI argum… Mar 22, 2019
serve.json hotfix: add watch command to the Bolt build config so there's a consi… Oct 7, 2018
tsconfig.json chore: add basic typescript config to root Nov 19, 2018
yarn.lock chore: update yarn.lock Mar 22, 2019

Bolt Design System

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git clone ~/sites/bolt
cd ~/sites/bolt
npm run setup
npm start

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