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thumbHula's summary gives you quick access to your mail and calendar in a single easy page. It organizes your mail for you, lets you know what's coming up, and lets you know about appointments and calendars you've been invited to.

My Contacts

right Most of the time, the mail you care about comes from the people you know. Hula will show you new mail from the people in your addressbook. Give a contact a Star if you want to read their mail first!

Mailing lists

left Usually subscribing to a mailing list means writing a new filtering rule. Hula understands mailing lists without any work from you.


right When another Hula user invites you to a calendar, you can subscribe right from the summary. Event invitations from standard calendar apps such as Outlook, Evolution, or Apple iCal show up here too.


No need to switch to a calendar application while reading mail, or an addressbook while sharing a calendar — the sidebar gives you complete access to your calendar and addressbook no matter what you're doing in Hula.

Add new events


Check your schedule



Month View Week View

Event viewing and editing

Image:Dragonfly-event-view.png Image:Dragonfly-event-edit.png
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