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Companies and Individuals Using Beast

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We would like to know who is using Beast! If you are an individual, or your company would like to be listed here, please add an entry which includes:

  • Individual or Company Name
  • Home Page or Company URL (optional)
  • Name / URL of Product that uses Beast (optional)
  • Link to GitHub Repository if open-source (optional)
  • Using HTTP, WebSockets, or Both? (optional)

Christian Mazakas

Foxy uses HTTP

rippled uses Beast.HTTP and Beast.WebSocket

Nik Bougalis uses Beast.HTTP and Beast.WebSocket

OpenBMC uses Beast HTTP(s) and Websocket

Radio Mast uses Beast.HTTP for a streaming audio server for internet radio.

nxxm/gh : Github C++ API Client provides an High level C++ Github Api based on xxhr: intuitive c++ http client library which uses Boost.Beast to provide a portable high-level http API.

octobanana is powered by Belle which uses Beast.HTTP and Beast.WebSocket

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