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The repository for high quality TypeScript type definitions.
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FileSaver remove unused .tscparams
Finch cleaned-up headers
Headroom add definitions for Headroom
JSONStream added definition for JSONStream
acc-wizard Fix bugs.
accounting accounting.js type definitions
ace Remove quotes from response files
acl Rename things
acorn Add ESTree AST and Acorn definitions.
add2home Added add2home (Add To home Screen) for iPhone and iPad users.
adm-zip Adding definition file for adm-zip.
alertify Add typings for Alertify
amcharts Remove quotes from response files
amplifyjs Remove quotes from response files
amqp-rpc Fixed format of 'callBroadcast' method
angular-agility angular-agility need to use ng.IServiceProvider
angular-bootstrap-lightbox Added correct headers
angular-file-upload Update angular-file-upload.d.ts
angular-growl-v2 Added definitions for Angular Growl 2
angular-hotkeys Update angular-hotkeys.d.ts
angular-http-auth Update angular-http-auth.d.ts
angular-idle Update angular-idle.d.ts
angular-local-storage tweak test
angular-material Updated angular material to 0.9.0-rc1
angular-notify Update angular-notify.d.ts
angular-protractor fix angular-protractor/angular-protractor.d.ts compile error
angular-scenario chore(angular-scenario) moved angular-scenario into its own folder (a…
angular-scroll Add angular-scroll definitions
angular-spinner Definitions for angular-spinner directive
angular-translate reference angular module using prefix "angular", not "ng"
angular-ui-bootstrap added controllerAs property to modal service settings
angular-ui-router Allow annotated DI functions
angular-ui-sortable Split out angular-ui-router and angular-ui-sortable
angular-wizard Fixed tests
angularLocalStorage Update angularLocalStorage-tests.ts
angularfire Unify without the "I" prefix.
angularjs Merge pull request #4116 from xi/fix-angular-headers
animation-frame rename animationframe to aniamtion-frame
ansicolors cleaned-up headers
any-db-transaction build fix
any-db add typings for any-db-transaction and adjust any-db
appframework bug fix
arbiter Append 'unsubscribe’, 'resubscribe' function's return-type annotation
arcgis-js-api remove unused .tscparams
archy improve archy definition
asciify Remove quotes from response files
aspnet-identity-pw Adding aspnet-identity-pw.d.ts
assert add power-assert/power-assert.d.ts
assertion-error fix invalid version naming
async Delete tsconfig.json
asyncblock fix bug
atmosphere added typings for atmosphere
atom add atom/api-docs.d.ts
atpl imported 25 definitions from typescript-node-definitions
auth0.lock Additional Auth0 Lock changes
auth0.widget cleaned-up headers
auth0 cleaned-up headers
autobahn AutobahnJS definition
aws-sdk aws-sdk: added support for apiVersion/apiVersions config options.
axios Fix axios definitions by removing enums and config generic
azure-mobile-services-client invokeApi support
backbone-relational Remove quotes from response files
backbone.layoutmanager backbone.layoutmanager
backbone.paginator remove needless lines Renamed backbone-radio folder to
backbone Update breaking change from parsing class declaration in strict mode …
backgrid Target ES5 for the backgrid tests.
bcrypt brcryp: perfer npmjs project link
bgiframe added/fixed headers a-d
big-integer Fix the NOT method declaration as per feedback
big.js Add support for new call in big.js v3.0.0
bigint bigint: Documentation enhanced
bigscreen add module declaration to bigscreen.d.ts
bingmaps Update Microsoft.Maps.d.ts
bitwise-xor travis fix
bl fixed bufferlist
bluebird add typing for bluebird Promise.promisify, and new typing for hapi v8…
blueimp-md5 remove unused .tscparams
body-parser merged conflict
boom Added all methods from Boom library
bootbox Add missing semicolons
bootstrap-notify Remove quotes from response files
bootstrap-touchspin Add TypeScript definitions and tests for Bootstrap TouchSpin (http://…
bootstrap.datepicker Added comments about options of Date type
bootstrap.paginator Remove quotes from response files
bootstrap.timepicker added/fixed headers a-d
bootstrap.v3.datetimepicker Adding type definitions for bootstrap-datetimepicker for bootstrap v3
bootstrap Add module declaration to bootstrap so it can be required as an AMD m…
box2d added/fixed headers a-d
breeze NugetAutomation test
browser-harness Remove quotes from response files
browser-sync The baseDir parameter also ca be set multiple directories
browserify Updated browserify.d.ts to allow require without import.
bucks fix -test.ts to -tests.ts
buffer-equal fix invalid version naming
buffers Add type definitions for buffers.
bufferstream added definitions for bufferstream
bunyan-logentries add bunyan-logentries definitions
bunyan-prettystream bunyan-prettystream: fix formatting of header, add tests, test it
bunyan change any to union types
business-rules-engine fix invalid version naming
byline Made keepEmptyLines optional
calq Rename
camljs Merge pull request #3518 from andrei-markeev/master
canvasjs fix invalid version naming
casperjs fix invalid version naming
chai-as-promised Re-adding chai-as-promised (prior commit contained no content)
chai-datetime moved chai-assert into main chai definition
chai-fuzzy fix invalid version naming
chai-http Add definition for chai-http
chai-jquery Remove quotes from response files
chai Add `which` chainable keyword.
chalk Add gulp-util definitions, fix related
chance Add defs for Chance.js
change-case Add d.ts for change-case
chartjs Merge pull request #4091 from Slimfit/patch-2
checksum Add typings for checksum-0.1.1.
cheerio cheerio: fixed format of header as suggested by Bartvds - #2588
chokidar + chokidar type defs including tests
chosen Update chosen.jquery.d.ts
chroma-js Added Chroma.js definitions
chrome Add missing functions for chrome windows api
circular-json Add typings for circular-json
ckeditor Update ckeditor
cli-color Move header to the right file
clone fix: better definition
codemirror Add typings for dealing with modes in codemirror
colorbrewer Fix tests. 'const' not available
colors Add color functions to the colors module and tests for them
cometd added/fixed headers a-d
commander rewrite commander.d.ts for 2.3.0
compression Fix headers
configstore added definitions for configstore
connect-flash Fix Travis CI failing because of "error TS7006: Parameter 'res' and '…
connect-slashes Add type definitions for the connect-slashes middleware
consolidate imported 25 definitions from typescript-node-definitions
content-type Add content-type
convert-source-map convert-source-map: Remove all implicit any
convict Use union type to represent convict schema.
cookie-parser Fix headers
cookie Add cookie
cookiejs Add type description for cookie.js
cordova-ionic move cordova plugins namespace in to cordova definition
cordova-plugin-email-composer add cordova-plugin-email-composer definition
cordova move cordova plugins namespace in to cordova definition
cordovarduino Run `npm test` and fix files to pass tests
couchbase node: NodeBuffer -> Buffer. Mark NodeBuffer as deprecated
createjs-lib - add new utilities functions (extend / promote)
createjs cleaned-up headers
cron add `node-cron` type definition file
crossfilter crossfilter: fixed definition and test
crossroads crossroads : support amd/commonjs
crypto-js Add library crypto-js
cryptojs Fix for typescript 0.9.7.
csurf change Project URL
csv-stringify Add typings for csv-stringify.
custom-error-generator Renamed test file to custom-error-generator-tests.ts Jason Davies cloud layout
d3 typing for Arbitrary Delimiters
dagre-d3 Added type definitions for dagre-d3
dagre Updated dagre.d.ts to support fluent-chaining
dat-gui Changed the module name to fit the npm package.
date.format.js Minor update to comment - to allow a new commit
datejs Adding methods directly to Date and DateConstructor as opposed to cre…
dcjs Updates dc.js type definitions to latest
debug Add visionmedia/debug, a tiny npm package for debugging
decimal.js Chore: Listing common modulo modes inline...
deep-diff add browser support (sorry!)
deep-freeze added definitions for deep-freeze
del Adding a type definition for del
deployJava remove unused .tscparams
detect-indent fixed some tests for npm module
devextreme T188424 fix + formatting
dexie Fixed errors from npm test
dhtmlxgantt Remove quotes from response files
dhtmlxscheduler Remove quotes from response files
di-lite Use ghost module pattern from best practices
diff improve diff-tests.ts
docCookies Add new definitions for docCookies
dock-spawn Add tests for "dock-spawn" library.
documentdb Includes attribution URL
dojo Fixed bad character
domo Remove quotes from response files
dompurify added DOMPurify from
domready added missing urls to some authors
donna remove tsconfig.json
dot Added definitions for doT (
dotdotdot Added dotdotdot definitions.
doublearray add double array
drop Add 'element' and 'tether' to Drop typings
dropboxjs Dropbox: Document reason for dummy class
dropzone Dropzone: add cancelIfNecessary to removeAllFiles
dsv rename tests to conform
dts-bundle Adding type definitions for dts-bundle
durandal Remove quotes from response files
dustjs-linkedin Remove quotes from response files
each Added typings for npm module each
easeljs update createjs libraries:
easy-session Add void return types
easy-table added definition for easy-table
easystarjs Removed local README file and added contributor to global README
ejs-locals Adding basic ejs-locals support
element-resize-event Add typings for element-resize-event.
elm Fix wrong space
ember Update breaking change from parsing class declaration in strict mode …
emissary improve atom/atom.d.ts and emissary/emissary.d.ts
empower apply code formatter
emscripten Add emscripten
epiceditor Remove quotes from response files
errorhandler add options object to errorhandler function
es6-promise update signature of Promise.all and Promise.race
es6-promises chore(es6-promise) re-enable es6-promises def temporarily while peopl…
escape-latex Added escape-latex definition
esprima Add ESTree AST and Acorn definitions.
estree Fix CallExpression.callee.
event-loop-lag travis build fix.
eventemitter2 eventemitter2: listener arg to offAny is optional
eventemitter3 Added eventemitter3/eventemitter3.d.ts(0.1.6).
exit added definitions for exit
expect.js Tests missing
expectations cleaned-up headers
express-debug Add type definitions for express-debug
express-jwt added missing type hints
express-myconnection Added definition for module express-myconnection
express-partials Adding basic express-partials support
express-session modify unit test
express-unless add definitions for express-unless
express-validator Fixing implicit type in test
express Mark deprecated functions as @deprecated.
extend + fixed mistaken type definition description
extjs Remove quotes from response files
fabricjs Added Missing functions to the fabric.util class
fancybox Remove quotes from response files
fast-stats Add typings for fast-stats.
fastclick Add definitions for FastClick
fbsdk Fix to interface Window{}
fibers imported 25 definitions from typescript-node-definitions
filesystem filesystem: Quality-of-life changes
filewriter cleaned-up headers
findup-sync added defs for some (stream) utils
fingerprintjs Add definitions for fingerprintjs
firebase Unify without the "I" prefix.
firefox Remove firefox/firefox-tests.ts.tscparams
flexSlider Remove quotes from response files
flight Merge branch 'master' of in…
flipsnap fixed some headers
flot remove unused .tscparams
flux flux definitions
fluxxor Moving React 0.13 to be the default
form-data fix invalid library names
formidable fix ServerRequest to IncomingMessage
foundation Remove quotes from response files
fpsmeter Rename all folders to lowercase
from added defs for some (stream) utils
fs-extra + added missing type definition of ensureDir() method
fs-finder Add npm library fs-finder
fs-mock Add definitions for fs-mock.
ftdomdelegate added missing urls to some authors
ftp Add definitions for ftp and ftpd.
ftpd Add definitions for ftp and ftpd.
fullCalendar Remove quotes from response files
fuse Add type definitions for Fuse.js Added definitions for GAE's Channel API library
gamepad Add type annotations and fix duplicated test code.
gamequery Remove quotes from response files
gapi.pagespeedonline removed utf-8 BOM marker
gapi.translate Remove not required .tscparams
gapi.urlshortener Remove not required .tscparams removed utf-8 BOM marker
gapi.youtubeAnalytics Remove not required .tscparams
gapi Adding promises to GAPI
gently imported 25 definitions from typescript-node-definitions
geojson Fixed formatting
giraffe Remove quotes from response files
gldatepicker cleaned-up headers
glidejs Rename glide.d.ts to glidejs.d.ts in tests.
glob-stream small fixes to glob & glob-stream
glob small fixes to glob & glob-stream
globalize Remove quotes from response files
gm Run CodeMaid
goJS Remove quotes from response files added Vars for the Google Analytics Interface
google.feeds Fix class name
google.geolocation Big replacement: bool with boolean
google.picker Added google.picker.d.ts
google.visualization Added definitions for Annotation Chart
googlemaps.infobubble cleaned-up headers
googlemaps Add google places AutocompleteService
graceful-fs node: NodeBuffer -> Buffer. Mark NodeBuffer as deprecated
greasemonkey greasemonkey: fixed test
grecaptcha Added TSD for ReCaptchaV2
greensock TimelineLite was missing from(...)
gridfs-stream Cleanup the gridfs-stream definitions file.
gruntjs Update gruntjs.d.ts
gsap add explicit references
gulp-autoprefixer Adding a bunch of gulp utilities
gulp-concat Add definitions and tests for gulp-concat
gulp-flatten Add definitions and tests for gulp-flatten
gulp-gh-pages Adding a bunch of gulp utilities
gulp-if Responding to feedback
gulp-inject Add definitions and tests for gulp-inject
gulp-istanbul Responding to feedback
gulp-less Add definitions and tests for gulp-less
gulp-minify-css Add definitions and tests for gulp-minify-css
gulp-mocha The mocha options are optional
gulp-rename Responding to feedback
gulp-replace Adding a function for gulp-replace
gulp-sass Adding a bunch of gulp utilities
gulp-sourcemaps Adding a bunch of gulp utilities
gulp-tsd Add definitions and tests for gulp-tsd
gulp-tslint enable options with custom reporter
gulp-typedoc Adding a bunch of gulp utilities
gulp-typescript add Reporter definition
gulp-util Add gulp-util definitions, fix related
gulp add IGulpPlugin and fix tests
hammerjs Added reference to `touch-events/touch-events.d.ts`
handlebars replace nbsp by normal spaces
hapi Adding test for optional hapi config.validate parameters
hasher formatting travis ci build error
hashmap Added HashMap definition.
hashset some info added
hashtable some info added
he Added definitions for 'he' v0.5.0, a high quality Html Entity encodin…
heatmap.js Modify tests for heatmap.js
hellojs fixed test filename according to…
highcharts Added missing return-type annotation
highland node: move Node* to NodeJS module
highlightjs Take out top from IAutoHighlightResult
history Remove quotes from response files
hooker Add library hooker
howlerjs Added HowlerJS Definitions
html2canvas Added TypeScript Definition files for Html2Canvas
htmlparser2 Add backwards compat aliases in htmlparser2, and Parser constructor's…
http-status Add library http-status
http-string-parser Fix bug
humane Remove quotes from response files
hypertext-application-language Rename hal > hypertext-application-language
i18n-node Add test suite for i18n-node
i18next i18next: Add declaration of external module
iban Remove module in IBAN definition.
icheck added/fixed few headers
imagemagick imported 25 definitions from typescript-node-definitions
imap repaired import error in test
imgur-rest-api renamed module ImgurApi to ImgurRestApi as well
impress Update reference paths
inflection Add inflection
ini ini module def.
insight fix insight/insight-tests.ts
interactjs Update interact.js typings to 1.0.25
intercomjs Intercom.JS - Added off method
inversify removed not necesary export and fixed a naming issue
ion.rangeSlider update ion.rangeSlider tsd from 2.0.1 to 2.0.2
ip add two missing functions to ip (subnet, cidrSubnet)
is_js Renamed folder and files for match the npm package
iscroll cleaned-up headers
ix.js Added AMD module definitions for ix.js.
jake Remove quotes from response files
jasmine-data_driven_tests Renamed callback to assertion to be consistent with Jasmine naming
jasmine-fixture Remove quotes from response files
jasmine-jquery Remove quotes from response files
jasmine-matchers fix invalid version naming
jasmine Update Jasmine version to 2.2
java-applet remove unused .tscparams
jbinary jBinary
jdataview Fixed header + added more strict types.
jest Fixed typo in Matchers.toBeGreaterThan
jjv Add typings for jjv
jjve Add jjve typings
johnny-five add johnny-five/johnny-five.d.ts
joi fix joi/joi.d.ts
jointjs fitToContent takes optional parameter 'opt'
jqgrid remove unused .tscparams
jqrangeslider Remove quotes from response files
jquery-fullscreen jquery-fullscreen type definitions (…
jquery-galleria Add definitions for jquery-galleria
jquery-handsontable add tests for jquery-handsontable
jquery-jsonrpcclient Fixed reference tag in tests
jquery.address remove not required tscparams
jquery.are-you-sure Make silent option on AreYouSureOptions optional
jquery.autosize jquery.autosize definitions
jquery.base64 add jquery.base64 support
jquery.bbq fix jquery.bbq/jquery.bbq-tests.ts compile error
jquery.blockUI Fix jQuery BlockUI Plugin
jquery.bootstrap.wizard Big replacement: bool with boolean
jquery.cleditor jQuery CLEditor plugin
jquery.clientSideLogging cleaned-up headers
jquery.color Update jquery.color.d.ts
jquery.colorbox Remove quotes from response files
jquery.colorpicker Remove quotes from response files
jquery.contextMenu jquery.contextMenu type definitions are now compatible with --noImpli…
jquery.cookie Support converter option
jquery.customSelect add customSelect
jquery.cycle Remove quotes from response files
jquery.cycle2 cleaned-up headers
jquery.dataTables Revert "Fix query.dataTables column.render signature"
jquery.dropotron Fix bugs.
jquery.dynatree Remove quotes from response files
jquery.elang Multiple bool => boolean fixes
jquery.fancytree Update jquery.fancytree.d.ts
jquery.fileupload Rename the JQueryFileInputOptions configuration object
jquery.finger Added type definitions and tests for jQuery Finger plugin.
jquery.form jquery.form changed encoding to be utf-8
jquery.gridster Remove the need of not necessary Html Element
jquery.jnotify Remove quotes from response files
jquery.joyride function parameters should not be marked as optional
jquery.jsignature remove not required .tscparams
jquery.leanModal add header and modification JQueryLeanModalOption
jquery.livestampjs moment: expose interfaces
jquery.menuaim added missing urls to some authors
jquery.notifyBar fix -test.ts to -tests.ts
jquery.noty used interface Noty to var
jquery.payment Remove quotes from response files
jquery.pickadate Update pickadate jquery plugin api based on spec
jquery.pjax.falsandtru Fixed merge conflict
jquery.pjax Added interface for pjax:popstate event
jquery.placeholder Add return type.
jquery.pnotify removed legacy def file
jquery.postMessage rename jquery.postMessage/jquery.postMessage-test.ts -> jquery.postMe…
jquery.prettyphoto Added types for the jQuery.prettyPhoto project:…
jquery.rowGrid Fixed the comment
jquery.scrollTo Big replacement: bool with boolean
jquery.simplePagination Fixes for TS0.9.5
jquery.simplemodal Add module declaration for SimpleModal.
jquery.simulate Update jquery.simulate-tests.ts
jquery.slimScroll Changed IOption to IJquerySlimScrollOptions
jquery.sortElements added/fixed headers j
jquery.superLink Add definitions for stripe, knockout.es5, jquery.payment and jquery.s…
jquery.tagsmanager cleaned-up headers
jquery.tile Add definitions for jquery.tile.js
jquery.timeago Remove quotes from response files
jquery.timepicker Remove quotes from response files
jquery.timer Remove quotes from response files
jquery.tinycarousel jquery.tinycarousel: updated callback function in the options (fixes …
jquery.tinyscrollbar Updated jquery.tinyscrollbar definitions to TS 0.9
jquery.tipsy Add JSDoc to jquery.tipsy
jquery.tooltipster Remove quotes from response files added definition for jquery total-storage
jquery.transit Ensure relevant css overload is part of jquery.transit
jquery.ui.datetimepicker cleaned-up headers
jquery.ui.layout fix jquery.ui.layout/jquery.ui.layout.d.ts header
jquery.validation Add missing methods and properties
jquery.watermark Remove quotes from response files
jquery.window Added type definitions for jQuery Window
jquery Add tests for jQuery failsafe syntax
jquerymobile Remove quotes from response files
jqueryui Remove quotes from response files
js-data-angular + update of definitions to make use of union types
js-data-http + update of definitions to make use of union types
js-data + update of definitions to make use of union types
js-fixtures cleaned-up headers
js-git fix -test.ts to -tests.ts
js-signals remove unused .tscparams
js-url Fixed merge conflict
js-yaml js-yaml support on browser
jsbn definitions for Big Integer library by Tom Wu
jscrollpane remove not required tscparams
jsdeferred Remove quotes from response files
jsdom jsdom: bugfixes, add comments, add defaultFeatures variable.
jsesc added definitions for jsesc
jsfl Remove quotes from response files
jshamcrest Add JsHamcrest with all classes and functions defined
jsnox Moving React 0.13 to be the default
json-patch add json-patch
json-pointer added definitions for json-pointer
json5 rename tests to conform
jsoneditoronline Remove quotes from response files
jsonpath modify Auther header
jsonwebtoken Improve functions definitions
jsplumb Included getInstance() and getInstanceIndex()
jsrender cleaned-up headers
jssha add: Definition and test for jsSHA
jstorage Remove not required tscparams
jstree added new definitions of functions fixed error with untyped state
jszip Declare jszip as a module, too.
jwplayer fix jwplayer/jwplayer.d.ts. add optional parameter hint.
jwt-simple simplify jwt-simple/jwt-simple.d.ts
kafka-node Optional properties
karma-jasmine cleaned-up headers
keyboardjs added/fixed headers k-n
keymaster added Type definitions for keymaster v1.6.2,
keypress Add typings for Keypress v2.0.3
kineticjs Removed two missing properties from kineticjs
knex knex.d.ts: All SchemaBulder functions promises
knockback Removing 'a' typo
knockout-secure-binding Add knockout-secure-binding.d.ts
knockout-transformations Add more overloads of knockout-transformations map
knockout.amd.helpers added a definition for knockout-amd-helpers
knockout.deferred.updates Remove quotes from response files
knockout.editables cleaned-up headers
knockout.es5 remove not required tscparams
knockout.kogrid fix knockout.kogrid/knockout.kogrid-tests.ts
knockout.mapper cleaned-up headers
knockout.mapping Knockout mapping observable array functions
knockout.postbox Added the serializer configuration option
knockout.projections Make map and filter return type with a dispose method
knockout.rx Fixed reference path to RxJS in knockout.rx.d.ts
knockout.validation Remove configure() definition in KnockoutValidationStatic since it's …
knockout.viewmodel Remove quotes from response files
knockout Update knockout.d.ts
knockstrap fix knockstrap/knockstrap-tests.ts Fixed bug - makeEditable now on .editable
kolite KoLiteCommandOptions.execute must be a function
kuromoji update kuromoji.js
ladda Adding Definitions for Ladda jQuery Plugin 0.9.4
later Add the test and definition file and initial skeleton
lazy.js Fix sort, sortBy and without methods of Lazy.js definitions
leaflet-label Add in constructor for label
leaflet Leaflet: Adding LatLngExpress and LatLngBounds expression types
leapmotionTS added/fixed few headers
less-middleware Add type definitions for less-middleware
less adding Less.RenderError to less.d.ts
levelup Remove quotes from response files
libxmljs Remove quotes from response files
linq remove not required tscparams
localForage added tests
lockfile added definitions for lockfile
lodash lodash: add _.chunk
log4javascript travis error fixed
log4js add sample code
logg added/fixed headers k-n
loggly adding def for loggly
logrotate-stream Add typings for logrotate-stream
lolex Add type definitions for lolex
long Fixed interface
lory.js Change directory name (lory -> lory.js)
lru-cache added definitions for lru-cache
lscache Fix lscache header
lunr Added lunr.js definitions
lz-string Add definitions for lz-string
mCustomScrollbar Remove not required tscparams
mailcheck finish test
main-bower-files Add definitions and tests for main-bower-files
mandrill-api project url
mapbox Add new accessToken property to Mapbox
mapsjs Merge pull request #1686 from mapsjs/master
mariasql Cleaned up ghost module so that its name makes sense
marionette Update breaking change from parsing class declaration in strict mode …
marked added a global marked variable, missing settings, and comments
maskedinput remove unused .tscparams
mathjax cleaned-up headers
md5 Add md5
mdns + moved interface into module since typescript allows module extension
memory-cache Add keys method
merge-stream Add definitions and tests for merge-stream
mess Add definitions for mess
messenger Update messenger.d.ts
meteor Updated for Meteor version
method-override Fix headers
microsoft-ajax Added get_element and get/set_id properties.
microsoft-live-connect cleaned-up headers
milkcocoa remove not required tscparams
mime imported 25 definitions from typescript-node-definitions
minilog Add minilog typings
minimatch Bugfix in minimatch.d.ts
minimist minimist: supports _ on parsed args
mithril Adding requested review changes.
mixpanel Last two arguments to init() are optional.
mixto added atom/atom.d.ts and dependencies...
mkdirp added definitions for mkdirp
mkpath Add newline at end of file
mocha-phantomjs Added typings for mocha-phantomjs library
mocha mocha.d.ts: Boolean should be boolean.
mock-fs Add type definitions for mock-fs
mockery Fixes for PR #3313 review
modernizr Revert "Fixed error in test for indexedDB"
moment-timezone - Added missing tz overloads for constructing a moment at now in a sp…
moment Add toArray to moment
mongodb Add MongoDB stats type
mongoose-mock fixing header on mongoose-mock.d.ts
mongoose Model<T> extends NodeJS.EventEmitter - see #3968
morgan Added morgan definitions
mousetrap mv mousetrap-global-bind/mousetrap-global-bind.d.ts -> mousetrap/mous…
moviedb moviedb (npm install moviedb) initial definitions
msgpack add msgpack support
msnodesql Add test for query callback
mssql Update mssql.d.ts
mu2 node fix for mu2
multer Fixes for PR #3313 review
multiparty multiparty definition file
mustache Add parameter typing, fix old definition version
mysql IPool of mysql has end function like IConnection or IPoolCluster.
nconf added support for custom nconf.formats and added missing format in IF…
ncp added definition for ncp
nedb + nedb typings + test
needle tests passed
nexpect change any to union types
ng-grid Update ng-grid-tests.ts angular module
ngprogress-lite Update ngprogress-lite.d.ts
ngprogress Fixed return type of #status()
nightmare add nightmare type definition file
noVNC Remove quotes from response files
noble add noble/noble.d.ts.Peripheral.state
nock bool is not a type :(
node-azure Update breaking change from parsing class declaration in strict mode …
node-ffi split node-ffi
node-fibers Remove quotes from response files
node-form IValidator - async support
node-git Use function expressions when referring to 'arguments'.
node-imap Update imap-tests.ts
node-persist Add definitions for node-persist
node-polyglot Remove unnecessary name field
node-uuid Make options values optional
node-webkit Fix failed test
node NodeJs exec function optional callback parameter
node_redis Remove quotes from response files
node_zeromq Update zmq.d.ts
nodemailer-direct-transport Upgrade nodemailer typings to 1.0
nodemailer-smtp-pool Upgrade nodemailer typings to 1.0
nodemailer-smtp-transport Upgrade nodemailer typings to 1.0
nodemailer Upgrade nodemailer typings to 1.0
nodeunit imported 25 definitions from typescript-node-definitions
nomnom remove not required .tscparams
nopt nopt typings
notify Add typings for notify
notifyjs Merge pull request #4041 from chrismbarr/patch-4
nouislider renamed jquery.nouislider/jquery.nouislider.d.ts to nouislider/nouisl…
npm Add npm tests
nprogress Add AMD module export for NProgress
numeraljs Export fix
oauth.js Modify reference path
object-hash Add npm library object-hash
object-path use type instead of var
oboe Change error from string to Error
oclazyload Added definitions for ocLazyLoad (
on-finished finally figured out how to have a callable module with extra functions
on-headers Add definitions for on-headers (github/jshttp/on-headers)
onsenui Added tests
open added definitions for open
openlayers fix Image layer; fix XYZ layer
opn Add definitions for opn
optimist optimist: Argument to showHelp should be optional
page remove unused .tscparams
parallel paralleljs commonjs support
parse Added missing static properties on destroyAll and saveAll for Parse.O…
parsimmon updated parsimmon to v0.5.0
passport-facebook-token defs for passport-facebook-token
passport-facebook fix -test.ts to -tests.ts
passport-local removing unnecessary definition
passport-strategy fix -test.ts to -tests.ts
passport modify unittest error
path-to-regexp add path-to-regexp definition.
pathwatcher update pathwatcher
pdf Added PDFViewer constructor
peerjs rename peerjs/Peer.d.ts
pegjs add pegjs.d.ts
persona Remove quotes from response files
pg Adding type definitions for pg
pgwmodal Added PgwModal library
phantom rename files
phantomjs cleaned-up headers
phonegap Remove quotes from response files
photoswipe add initial photoswipe typings
physijs update to three.js r69.
pickadate Add item types to Pickadate
pixi Remove quotes from response files
platform Multiple bool => boolean fixes
playerframework - Added more tests
pleasejs add pleasejs
png-async add png-async definition
podcast Add podcast
poly2tri fixing errors
polymer paper dialog dependency to core overlay
popcorn Remove quotes from response files
pouchDB Support AMD require
power-assert-formatter apply code formatter
power-assert add power-assert/power-assert.d.ts
precise precise : prefer npm project link
preloadjs update createjs libraries:
prelude-ls Add prelude-ls.d.ts
progressjs Add definitions for ProgressJs
promise-pool Fixed merge conflict
promises-a-plus Merge pull request #3483 from Igorbek/promises-a-plus
promptly node: move Node* to NodeJS module
protobufjs Fixed the test.
proxyquire Adding proxyquire.d.ts
pubsubjs cleaned-up headers
purl Allow param and fparam be executed without a parameterName
q-io cleaned-up headers
q-retry Fixed merge conflict
q Fix type definition
qajax Add type definitions for Qajax
qunit Fixed type of assert.async()`.
rabbit.js Add definitions for rabbit.js
ractive Update Ractive definition
radius Update NodeBuffer to use Buffer
raphael Changed order of method declarations for correct overloading
rappid Added return types where necessary.
ravenjs Add type definitions for Raven.js
react-router Moving React 0.13 to be the default
react feat(react): add DragEvent to react-addons.d.ts
readdir-stream added defs for some (stream) utils
recaptcha Updated switch_type method with correct types
redis make parser optional
ref-array split node-ffi
ref-struct fix invalid library names
ref-union split node-ffi
ref fix invalid library names
request fix travis, any check
requirejs Add comments for define.amd property
response-time fix header
rest Add definitions for methods to change the default rest client
restangular Merge pull request #3977 from samherrmann/add-missing-restangular-met…
restify fix restify error classes
rethinkdb Remove quotes from response files
reveal Append 'slide' function's return-type annotation
rickshaw Add definitions for stripe, knockout.es5, jquery.payment and jquery.s…
rimraf imported 25 definitions from typescript-node-definitions
riotjs fix -test.ts to -tests.ts
routie Remove not required tscparams
royalslider Merge branch 'master' into switch-0.9.5
rtree Added rTree interface
run-sequence Add definitions and tests for run-sequence
rx-jquery Fixed reference path in rx.jquery.d.ts
rx Updated TestScheduler to be interface instead of class.
s3-uploader Update s3-uploader.d.ts
sammyjs last_location property was missed
sanitize-filename Add definition for sanitize-filename
sanitize-html Add typings for sanitize-html
sanitizer added sanitiser
sax Add sax.d.ts for sax-js (sax-style XML parser)
screenfull add screenfull definition
scroller Remove quotes from response files
select2 Remove quotes from response files
selectize Fixes Selectize is missing plugins field
selenium-webdriver Fix unit tests
semver Fixing type definition for semver.satisfies to return a boolean.
sencha_touch Remove quotes from response files
sendgrid Fix issue in sendgrid EmailOptions
sequelize feat(sequelize): add belongsToMany definition
serve-favicon fix header
serve-static fix header
sharedworker add sharedworker/SharedWorker.d.ts
sharepoint Status.addStatus optional strHtml and atBegining
shelljs Fixed ShellJS.exec() definition in .d.ts.
should-promised Added definition and tests for should-promised library
should Use function expressions when referring to 'arguments'.
showdown Moved Showdown export to declared module.
siesta suppress error siesta/siesta.d.ts
sigmajs add sigmajs image typing
signalr Fix JQueryStatic.hubConnection method signature.
signature_pad Updated signature_pad.d.ts file
simple-cw-node Use function expressions when referring to 'arguments'.
sinon-chai Update sinon-chai.d.ts
sinon Add onCall(n) and friends to SinonStub definition
sipml Fixed bugs in SIPml definition
sjcl sjcl: Allow loading as an external module
slickgrid Added slick.autotooltips.d.ts
smoothie Update smoothie charts definitions to version 1.25 of library.
snapsvg .g and .group arguments are optional in snapsvg SocketIOClient.Socket was missing connected property Declare Socket.conn as any
sockjs-node Added the property to sockjs-node definitions
sockjs SockJS can be instantiated with just a URL
soundjs Add registerSounds method declaration
source-map-support Expand typings for source-map-support.
source-map Added definitions for source-map
space-pen improve atom/atom.d.ts and space-pen/space-pen.d.ts
spectrum Can't call spectrum function with a method name
spin cleaned-up headers
split split def. fix
sprintf-js add typing for sprintf-js
sprintf imported 25 definitions from typescript-node-definitions
sqlite3 Added typings for sqlite3
squirejs Add squirejs.
stack-mapper Add definitions for stack-mapper.
stampit Add missing descriptions. Copy some annotations over from official mo…
state-machine cleaned-up headers
stats Marked as compatible with r12
status-bar improve atom/atom.d.ts and others. add status-bar/status-bar.d.ts.
storejs added/fixed headers o-s
stream-series Add definitions and tests for stream-series
stream-to-array cleaned-up headers
stripe fixing implicit any in stripe.d.ts, elminating duplicate variables be…
strophe Converted SASL mechansim from a class to an interface, as it is not m…
stylus Implements NodeJS.EventEmitter in Renderer
sugar Add sum() to sugar.d.ts.
superagent update suparagent and supertest type definitions
supertest update suparagent and supertest type definitions
svg-pan-zoom changed onpan function signature as it is called by x and y co-ordina…
svg2png definitions for
svgjs.draggable cleaned-up headers
svgjs Added correct export module name
swag Add swag
sweetalert Add type definitions for sweetalert.
swfobject rename parameter name of swfobject/swfobject.d.ts
swig Update header info
swiper Remove quotes from response files
swipeview Remove quotes from response files
switchery Added Switchery Type Definitions (
swiz imported 25 definitions from typescript-node-definitions
tape added definitions for tape
tar Fixing tar.Pack to have an optional properties parameter.
tcomb Add tcomb definitions
tedious-connection-pool fix header format
tedious Add typings for tedious.
teechart Remove quotes from response files
tether Use stricter Element type in tether options
text-buffer improve atom/atom.d.ts and others. add status-bar/status-bar.d.ts.
text-encoding Change module name
threejs threejs/three.d.Ts: Make optional parameters actually optional
through Remove quotes from response files
through2 Add gulp-util definitions, fix related
timelinejs Added definitions and tests for timelinejs (…
timezone-js Add loadZoneDataFromObject function.
timezonecomplete Add typings for timezonecomplete-1.15.0
tinycolor Properly export the tinycolor module
titanium Fixing implicit any type on titanium tests
tmp Use npmjs link
toastr toastr: Added progressBar
touch-events [touch-events] Index TouchList as array
traceback Added typings for npm module traceback
trunk8 Big replacement: bool with boolean
tspromise Fixed merge conflict
tv4 Declare variable so import works
tween.js Remove quotes from response files
tweenjs update createjs libraries:
twig imported 25 definitions from typescript-node-definitions
twitter Add Twitter for Websites definitions
type-detect added definition for type-detect
type-name add type-name.d.ts
typeahead sorter is comparer function
typescript-deferred Add typescript-deferred header & test.
typescript-services Fix return type of PullDecl.isRootDecl: void -> boolean
typescript Added TypeScript API definitions file.
underscore-ko Removed not required .tscparams
underscore.string Update underscore.string.ts to support new 3.0.0 api
underscore underscore _.findIndex now returns the correct type (number instead o…
unity-webapi Remove quotes from response files
universal-analytics fix -test.ts to -tests.ts
update-notifier Added update-notifier.d.ts
uri-templates added definitions for uri-templates
urijs remove unused .tscparams
urlrouter fix urlrouter/urlrouter.d.ts
uuid Lowercase UUID directory
valerie added any to options type
validator added validator/validator.d.ts
vega Axis items are Nodes
velocity-animate Fix implicit-any errors, update
vex-js add vex typings
videojs Merge pull request #2032 from martinduparc/patch-4
viewporter Remove quotes from response files