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Non-blocking versions of 'withResource', 'takeResource' #11

merged 1 commit into from Feb 12, 2013

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kim commented Jan 27, 2013

This PR implements tryTakeResource and tryWithResource, which each return immediately if allocating a resource from the pool would block (because the pool is exhausted).

This is useful for implementing network clients which need to deal with many pools of connections to (potentially) many servers, such as distributed databases. In these cases, it is often desirable to employ some sort of retry strategy, or to balance operations across hosts. Thereby, it is also desirable to leave these decisions to the user, as opposed to implementing some magic behavior in the pool itself.

An alternative solution could be to provide introspection into the current pool usage. This, however, has the disadvantage of not being an atomic operation. Ie. a takeResource may still block, even though we've checked before that we didn't exceed maxResources.

Implementation note: there seemingly is some code duplication, but I figured I'd end up with quite some unnecessary boxing/unboxing otherwise.

@bos bos merged commit b0197df into bos:master Feb 12, 2013
bos commented Feb 12, 2013

Nice work, thanks.

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