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Aims to reproduce wfuzz's functionality and versatility. Based on gobuster.

get: go get


go build

basic usage:

gofuzz -z file,wordlist1 -z list,-.php http://someip/FUZZFUZ2Z

[+] Author: brax (

Usage:   gofuzz [options] <url>
Keyword: FUZZ, ..., FUZnZ  wherever you put these keywords gofuzz will replace them with the values of the specified payload.

-h/--help                     : This help.
-w wordlist                   : Specify a wordlist file (alias for -z file,wordlist).
-z file/range/list,PAYLOAD    : Where PAYLOAD is FILENAME or 1-10 or "-" separated sequence.
--hc/hl/hw/hh N[,N]+          : Hide responses with the specified code, lines, words, or chars.
--sc/sl/sw/sh N[,N]]+         : Show responses with the specified code, lines, words, or chars.
-t N                          : Specify the number of concurrent connections (10 default).
--post-form key=FUZZ          : Specify form value eg key=value.
--post-multipart file.FUZZ    : Fuzz filename for file uploads.
-b COOKIE                     : Specify cookie.
-ua USERAGENT                 : Specify user agent.
--password PASSWORD           : Specify password for basic web auth.
--username USERNAME           : Specify username.
--no-follow                   : Don't follow HTTP(S) redirections.
--no-color                    : Monotone output.
--print-body                  : Print response body to stdout.
-k                            : Strict TLS connections (skip verify=false).
-q                            : No output.

Examples: gofuzz -w users.txt -w pass.txt --sc 200
          gofuzz -z file,default/common.txt -z list,-.php
          gofuzz -t 32 -w somelist.txt
          gofuzz --print-body --sc 200 --post-form "name=FUZZ" -z file,somelist.txt


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