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Commonly used Brigade jobs
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Brigade Utils

This repository aims to package frequently used Brigade jobs, allowing us to avoid replicating the same functionality. It is imported as an NPM package in the Brigade worker, and can be used directly in brigade.js scripts.

To add this package, use the brigade.json file in the repository, and add the following package:

    "dependencies": {
        "@brigadecore/brigade-utils": "0.2.0"

Note that any dependency added here should point the exact version (and not use the tilde ~ and caret ^ to indicate semver compatible versions).

Use the appropriate version of this library that you can find on NPM - @brigadecore/brigade-utils

The GitHub library

Brigade comes with a GitHub application that can be used to queue builds and show logs directly through the GitHub Checks API. After following the instructions to set it up, adding a brigade.js script that uses this API can be done using the Check object from this library:

const { events, Job } = require("@brigadecore/brigadier");
const { Check } = require("@brigadecore/brigade-utils");

const projectName = "brigade-utils";
const jsImg = "node:12.3.1-stretch";

function build(e, project) {
  var build = new Job(`${projectName}-build`, jsImg);

  build.tasks = [
    "cd /src",
    "yarn install",
    "yarn compile",
    "yarn test",
    "yarn audit"

  return build;

function runSuite(e, p) {
  var check = new Check(e, p, build());;

events.on("check_suite:requested", runSuite);
events.on("check_suite:rerequested", runSuite);

// this enables "/brig run" comments from allowed authors to start a check run
events.on("issue_comment:created", (e, p) => Check.handleIssueComment(e, p, runSuite));

This script is one that can be used to build this repository.

Note: Check.handleIssueComment currently only handles /brig run comments - to add your own, see implementation for this method.


This Brigade project accepts contributions via GitHub pull requests. Prerequisites to build and test this library:

  • Node
  • yarn

For this library, we accept jobs that are commonly used and whose implementation has the potential to be replicated across multiple projects - if you think your use case falls under this category, feel free to open an issue proposing it.

To install dependencies, compile, test the project, and ensure there are no vulnerabilities in the dependencies, run:

$ yarn install
$ yarn compile
$ yarn test
$ yarn audit

Note that this repository does not ignore the generated out/ directory that contains the compiled JavaScript code. This is done because for every pull request in this repository, we automatically add it as a local dependency to the Brigade worker (that is a dependency that is local to the repository), and use the GitHub library to test itself.

While this is not common or idiomatic for TypeScript projects, it is the easiest way to test the libraries in this repo for each pull request, so please include the out/ directory when submitting a pull request.

Signed commits

A DCO sign-off is required for contributions to repos in the brigadecore org. See the documentation in Brigade's Contributing guide for how this is done.

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