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btcd v0.3.3-alpha

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@davecgh davecgh released this 13 Nov 17:05
· 3493 commits to master since this release
  • Significantly improve initial block chain download speed
  • Add a new checkpoint at block height 267300
  • Optimize most recently used inventory handling
  • Optimize duplicate transaction input check
  • Optimize transaction hashing
  • Rework and optimize wallet listener notifications
  • Optimize serialization and deserialization
  • Add support for minimum transaction fee to memory pool acceptance
  • Improve leveldb database performance by removing explicit GC call
  • Fix an issue where Ctrl+C was not always finishing orderly database
  • Fix an issue in the script handling for OP_CHECKSIG
  • Impose max limits on all variable length protocol entries to prevent
    abuse from malicious peers
  • Enforce DER signatures for transactions allowed into the memory pool
  • Separate the debug profile http server from the RPC server
  • Rework of the RPC code to improve performance and make the code cleaner
  • The getrawtransaction RPC call now properly checks the memory pool
    before consulting the db (#26)
  • Add support for the following RPC calls: getpeerinfo, getconnectedcount,
    addnode, verifychain
  • Implement rescan websocket extension to allow wallet rescans
  • Use correct paths for application data storage for all supported
    operating systems (#30)
  • Add a default redirect to the http profiling page when accessing the
    http profile server
  • Add a new --cpuprofile option which can be used to generate CPU
    profiling data on platforms that support it
  • Several other minor performance optimizations
  • Other minor bug fixes and general code cleanup