This release is a step ahead in the way to edit and handle devices within the ha-bridge. Please look at your devices in the new editor.

V4.0.0 Change List
#154 Update upnp and response to be more like hue hub
#182 Updated state update handling for brightness to handle increase/decrease properly
#221 Added Home Assistant helper to be able to view and add devices
#252 Enahnced encoding for URLs using URI handler
#254 Use name in ha-bridge for Hue device passthru
#258 Able to use any device in a Multi-Command. New editor created to handle
#261 Fixed encoding for hex characters, affected Limitless/MiLight calls
#265 More on enhancing Multi-Command feature, value replacements added
#266 Enhanced Nest status decoding as errors were occurring
#272 Fixed error in handling brightness setting
#273 Enhanced handling of Hue passthru, when you have linked the ha-bridge, the user id is remembered
#292 Added ability to specify the webserver ip address on the command line
#295 Udpated the handling of the hue api for getting all devices, previously ignored get with an ending slash
#299 Added ability to set the Hue Hub version id in the Bridge Control Tab, will help with other applications calling the ha-bridge
#303 Added the value replacemnt in MQTT messages
#320 Added recconnect logic for MQTT client
#322 Added ability to sort device id in config page by numeric order
#323 Changed 'Already Configured' areas of helpers to just list the ha-bridge device
#325 Added enahancement to retry Harmony connection if fails on startup
#330 Fixed call to get harmony activity state in devices API
#332 Added TLSv1 and TLSv2 to HTTPS calls
#337 Added filter IPs to the new item entries, helps in sorting what can be called by certain IP addresses
#356 Updated UPNP to send a notify message every 20 seconds as a Hue Hub does

Added ability to add count, delay, http parms for each item independently in a Mulit-Command Call. New editor shows editable items.


Fixes for MQTT init and URI encoding

@bwssytems bwssytems released this Nov 19, 2016 · 59 commits to master since this release

Fixed MQTT initialization error with maven build inclusion. Added URI encoder to handle URI calls with URL characters.


Added MQTT support to publish messages. Added parameters to "item" definition for "delay" in milliseconds and "count" for repeat. Fixed issue that has arose with harmony services authentication for the hub.


Fix test dim button and added web server address setting.

@bwssytems bwssytems released this Nov 8, 2016 · 72 commits to master since this release

Fixed issue with "Test Dim" button not presenting the value selector when there was a body with a dim command. Added ability to specifically set the web server address port.


Few minor fixes and updates

@bwssytems bwssytems released this Nov 2, 2016 · 75 commits to master since this release

Updated upnp response handling to warn on failure and not stop. Added configuration of echo url for those overseas. Fixed overwriting device issue when adding a manual device add or after a restart. Added default
IpV4 handling with override for ha-bridge. Fixed Dim URL http body handling on PUT and POST. Added documentation for Kodi Volume handling.


UPNP update to better emulate philips hue

@bwssytems bwssytems released this Oct 18, 2016 · 77 commits to master since this release

Updated upnp response to be closer to the hue bridge v2 spec. Updated handling for is on when bri is 0. Updated exec to check for empty call.

Add check for host is down exception on upnp send in listener and not shutdown only a warning.

Updated configuration items for hue responses. Added call thru for hue devices configured for state info. added dim content body.

Updated upnp response for M-SEARCH again. Updated devices to have numbering more in line with how the hue bridge is done. Added special generation of hue device unique id as the philips api spec shows. Added a renumber function to convert id's.

Switched default web port to be 80. This should resolve some issues with first time configs and external apps. Changed upnp listener response to previous style. Set default for link button presses status to true.

Added ip check if upnp config address is not available on the current host. Added checks for content type and body for put and post requests.

Updating upnp responses to be more inline with what the hue hub does. To do so, added the mac address as the id in the bridge id an, serial number and uuid

Updated headers content type to be just "application/json" instead of "application/json; charset utf-8".

Changed handling of upnp rsponses from the upnp listener and the huemulator udp calls to use the same response port.

I got some more info from another source about the discovery responses of a real hue. It sends three responses not just one. Also I have updated the S/N UUID and the Hue Bridge ID creation as they are


Minor Enhancements and Fixes for V3.0.0

@bwssytems bwssytems released this Sep 1, 2016 · 95 commits to master since this release

Items Changed:
3.0.0 not storing extended values (2.0.7 does),
update state not always working, Pi3 systemd not starting,
habridge.config created readable by everyone


HAL Integration, enhancements and fixes

@bwssytems bwssytems released this Jul 19, 2016 · 101 commits to master since this release

Many new items in this release:

Finished implementation of HAL calls to the API.
Updated view consistency.
Fixed sizing of scrollable table to be dynamic.
Updating for API V 1.11 and Bridge V2 HUE handling.
Added Hue Error Handling objects.
Adding whitelist control.
Updating bridge control to activate save button on list updates.
Fixed dim addition in bulk add.
Updated group 0 handling to be per hue api requirements. This fixes the device limit issue seen with the echo and the bridge.


Fixed build device button in Harmony Device helper tab

@bwssytems bwssytems released this May 15, 2016 · 119 commits to master since this release

Issue with build device button overwriting every time instead of building.


Added ability to run an exec command with tcp, udp or http calls in the same multi command loop.