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MsgFlo setup for rewiring the c-base space station at 35C3.

This is a simplified version of the full c-flo setup we use for IoT at the space station. This setup has all hardware and local network requirements removed, making it portable for taking to events.


  • Support for JavaScript components
  • Support for CoffeeScript components
  • Support for Python 3 components
  • NASA OpenMCT for logging and visualizing statistics
  • HTML-based info displays for showing statistics
  • docker-compose runnable environment

Running with docker-compose

  • Ensure you have a running Docker daemon
  • Start the project with docker-compose up

Editing in Flowhub

Everything is set up so that you can edit the project in Flowhub

Once you've installed and started the service either locally or with Docker, open Flowhub with:

Use Flowhub's GitHub synchronization feature to push your graph and component changes to this repository.

Test automation

  • Enable your local fork in Travis CI
  • Tests are written in fbp-spec format and located in spec/ folder
  • You can run tests locally with npm test (note: you'll have to do npm install for this even when running with Docker)


MsgFlo setup for programming c-base @ 35C3







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