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Business Portal

C4GNV is a member brigade of Code for America, the goal of this project is to make it easier to start a business in Gainesville by providing people easy access to permits and zoning information. The project is a lightweight website written in Typescript and Angular 2, using open data sources as a persistent backend.

The inspiration for this service is to eventually be able to expand to be like the Business Portal for San Francisco, however we're starting with the Permit Locator functionality only.


We welcome your contribution! Please see our contributing guidelines.


You want to run this bad boy locally? Let's do it.

Install Tools

Get That Repo

From the command line execute git clone to get this repository down to your local machine

Install the Dependancies

Run yarn install in the project's root directory

Start it up

Run yarn start and head over to http://localhost:8080/ you should now see the latest and greatest.

How This all Fits Together


Model Permit sites

Possible opendata service

Permits by business type

Permit Details

JSON Source data for associations, maintained by the city

Business Types

Business Permits

Architecture Diagram

Alt text

Data Structures


This is the type of business that a person is trying to open. These are defined by the city of gainesville. The schema for a BusinessType is as follows:

business_type: string;
business_category: string;
requiredPermits: Permit[];
conditionalPermits: Permit[];


This is a permit that is required for a particular BusinessType. The schema for a Permit is as follows:

friendly_name: string;
permit_location: {
    url: string;
online_submission: {
    url: string;
permit_description: string;
permit_name: string;

The permit locator page makes two http requests to Socrata (see above URLs) and generates an array of BusinessType structures. This structure is populated with types and permits from Socrata.