perl omnicompletion for vim (including base class function compleltions .. etc)
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perl-completion plugin supports basic perl completion and Moose / DBIx::Class completion.

the rules could be easily extended. see ( ftplugin/perl/perlomni.vim )

core rules including:

  • variable name completion
  • function name completion
  • package method name completion
  • base class method name completion
  • basic Moose completion
  • basic DBIx completion

Supports deoplete completion


perlomni completion requires vim 7.2 or newer.

and filetype feature should be enabled.


just run make:

$ make install

and add ~/.vim/bin/ to your $PATH env variable , for example, add these lines to your .bashrc or .zshrc:

export PATH=~/.vim/bin:$PATH

please make sure you've enable filetype plugin your .vimrc:

filetype on
filetype plugin on
filetype indent on

NOTE) If you install pathogen.vim , you can make this working without installing.

If you are you want completion as you type and are using neovim you can install https:://


In insert mode , press C-x C-o to emit omni completion.

P.S. The completion works in terminal vim is faster than gvim/MacVim.

Write your perl omni completion extensions

Perl omni completion plugin is extensible, you can extend completion rules by simple regular expressions.

your omni completion extension should put in ~/.vim/after/ftplugin/perl/what-ever.vim.

API Functions

AddPerlOmniRule(rule), for example:

cal AddPerlOmniRule({ 'only':1, 'head': '^has\s\+\w\+' , 
    \'context': '\s\+is\s*=>\s*$'  , 
    \'backward': '[''"]\?\w*$' , 
    \'comp': function('s:CompMooseIs') } )

cal AddPerlOmniRule({
    \'context': '&$', 
    \'backward': '\<\U\w\+$', 
    \'comp': function('s:CompBufferFunction') })

Available Rule attributes

only: if one rule is matched, then rest rules won't be check.

contains: if file contains some string (can be regexp)

context: completion context pattern

backward: regexp for moving cursor back to the completion position.

head: pattern that matches paragraph head.

comp: completion function reference.

Cache Functions


ns: cache namespace
key:  cache key


ns: cache namespace
key:  cache key
value:  cache value


Please feel free to ask commit bit of this. just drop me a line. :-)





extends 'Moose::Meta::Attribute';
extends 'AAC::Pvoice';

" module compeltion
my $obj = new B::C;

" complete class methods

" complete built-in function
seekdir see

" $self completion
"   my $self
" to 
"   my $self = shift;
my $self

" complete current object methods
sub testtest { }
sub foo1 { }
sub foo2 { }


" smart object method completion
my $var = new Jifty;

" smart object method completion 2
my $var = Jifty::DBI->new;

my %hash = ( );
my @array = ( );

" complete variable
$var1 $var2 $var3 $var_test $var__adfasdf
$var__adfasd  $var1 

" moose complete

has url => (
    metaclass => 'Labeled',
    is        => 'rw',
    isa       => 'Str',
    label     => "The site's URL",

" role

with 'Restartable' => {
    -alias => {
        stop  => '_stop',
        start => '_start'
    -excludes => [ 'stop', 'start' ],

" }}}