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  1. cachix cachix Public

    Command line client for Nix binary cache hosting:

    Haskell 789 44

  2. devenv devenv Public

    Fast, Declarative, Reproducible, and Composable Developer Environments

    Nix 3.7k 273

  3. git-hooks.nix git-hooks.nix Public

    Seamless integration of git hooks with Nix.

    Nix 464 142

  4. install-nix-action install-nix-action Public

    Installs Nix on GitHub Actions for the supported platforms: Linux and macOS.

    Shell 486 77

  5. cachix-action cachix-action Public

    Build software only once and put it in a global cache

    TypeScript 232 38

  6. nixpkgs-python nixpkgs-python Public

    All Python versions, kept up-to-date on hourly basis using Nix.

    Nix 150 9


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