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Minimal browser startpage.
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Inspired by /r/startpages—the idea is to have a homepage for your browser that is functional and sexy.

Basic Usage

To go to a site, enter the corresponding key. To view the available sites and their keys, press ?. If your input doesn't match any of the commands, a generic Google search will be triggered. For example:


You can search a site by typing a colon after the site's key, followed by your search query. For example:

Specific Paths

You can go to a specific path on a site by typing a forward slash after the site's key, followed by the location on the site you'd like to be redirected to. For example:

Specific Sites

If you enter in a full domain or URL, you will be redirected to said domain or URL. For example:


The above is just the beginning. Open up the index.html file and read through the CONFIG!


The Lato typeface has its own license. You can use and modify everything else however you like.

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