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commit 68a30d851ca885668fd1c9226c705c39aa428090 1 parent 0b19193
@krukow krukow authored
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40 Rakefile
@@ -0,0 +1,40 @@
+#See LICENSE for licensing information
+def discover_latest_sdk_version
+ latest_iphone_sdk = `xcodebuild -showsdks | grep -o "iphoneos.*$"`.chomp
+ version_part = latest_iphone_sdk[/iphoneos(.*)/,1]
+ version_part
+def build_dir
+ File.expand_path 'build'
+def build_cmd(arch)
+ %Q[xcodebuild -scheme Framework -configuration Debug -sdk #{arch}#{discover_latest_sdk_version} BUILD_DIR=\"#{build_dir}\" GCC_PREPROCESSOR_DEFINITIONS="\\$(inherited) DEBUG=0" clean build]
+desc "Build the arm library"
+task :build_lib do
+ sh build_cmd(:iphoneos)
+task :copy_to_dist do
+ sh "cp #{build_dir}/Debug-iphoneos/libCalabash.a dist/"
+desc "clean build artifacts"
+task :clean do
+ rm_rf 'dist'
+ rm_rf "#{build_dir}"
+desc "create dist directory"
+task :prep_dist do
+ mkdir_p 'dist'
+ mkdir_p "#{build_dir}"
+task :build => [:clean, :prep_dist, :build_lib, :copy_to_dist]
+task :default => :build
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