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Calamares is the universal installer framework. This wiki is for developers working on Calamares, and for deployers using Calamares as a framework / application for installing a Linux system. There is also generic user documentation that applies to installing-your- system, which might be used by a distro as a basis for their own installer documentation.


How to Help

Developer's Guide

The developer's guide contains information on building Calamares, on its design, and localization. Much of the technical documentation is in README files in the source code, though, where it is much closer to the things it documents. Of particular interest is the /ci/ directory, which is where things-that-are-not-Calamares-itself but related to Calamares development (like the Continuous Integration scripts, like translation tools, and development documentation) end up.

Tester's Guide

While developing Calamares, it needs testing on virtual or physical machines. The Tester's Guide provides advice on setting up test-systems. It also explains the acceptance tests that should (or might) be done on Calamares.

Deployer's Guide

The deployer's guide describes how to deploy Calamares in your distribuion Live CD or other medium. This is the guide to read when Calamares works and runs properly on your development systems, and you're ready to integrate it with the distribution's install medium.

(In addition there is a list of known issues, common configuration tips and some documentation on specialized topics like LUKS)

User's Guide

The user's guide is intended to be generic instructions for installing with Calamares, describing the various end-user visible parts of the installation process. This is intended as a starting point for distribution documentation, not as a replacement for it.

Translator's Guide

You can help by translating Calamares into your own language!

There are some general translation guidelines in the translator's guide.

Code of Conduct

(draft 2018-05-28)

The Calamares community -- of developers, translators, and downstream (distro) users -- aims to be courteous, professional, and inclusive. Harrassment, discriminatory statements and abuse are not tolerated. In general, we apply the KDE Code of Conduct and the GNOME Code of Conduct (the rules of decent behavior in both communities are pretty much the same).

This has a few consequences where the admins of the Calamares community will take action:

  • abusive and harrassing comments on issues and pull-requests will be removed.
  • off-topic and irrelevant comments on issues and pull-requests may be removed (off-topic comments that could be a topic in their own right, may be re-posted to a relevant issue though).

Other considerations in comments:

  • comment on code, comment on design, ask questions about the intent of feature requests or pull-requests, but assume good intentions. A request is just a request, and "no" is just as good as "no, that's stupid".
  • English is the common language of the project. It is the first language of a minority of the project. Take language issues into account.
  • Non-English comments will probably be ignored or removed; special circumstances may apply.
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