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Immersive Railroading
Immersive Railroading

Immersive Railroading is a Minecraft mod for 1.12. It adds a new transport system (item and players) to the game. It is based in real world physics (where possible) and uses life size models to convey the true scale and grandeur of Railroading.

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You can download the latest version of Immersive Railroading on Curseforge.


To get the mod to work you need to add the dependencies to your Mod Folder:

We also recommend to add these mods for full functionality of Immersive Railroading:

Rolling stock

The main mod contains only a few trains. If you want to add more trains to your game, you can do that with Resource Packs from our Modelers and Community. If you want to add your own train models as resource pack to the game, please make sure to check out the #modeling Channel on our Discord and the pinned Messages in that Channel.

Bugs and Suggestions

If you found a bug please open an Issue here on Github or report it in the #bug-reports Channel on our Discord. Please make sure to explain the bug as exactly as possible (and add screenshots if possible).

If you want to suggest a feature for the mod, you can do that with opening an Issue. If you want to suggest rolling stock, please do that in the #suggestions Channel on our Discord, not here on Github!


If you need support you can ask in the #help Channel on our Discord. Make sure to read #faq before asking your question.


Immersive Railroading is licensed under the GNU LESSER GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE. See LICENSE. The Models are licensed under the MODEL_LICENSE.


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