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CareKit is an open source software framework for creating apps that help people better understand and manage their health.
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gavirawson-apple CareKit 2.0 Updates (#313)
We’re happy to introduce lots of new and exciting changes in this commit! As always, feel free to reach out with questions or comments regarding the new changes or the framework as a whole. 

Note that this update brings changes to the schema and is not backwards compatible. Therefore, you must delete and re-install your current app that uses CareKitStore. We will not be providing migrations during this beta period.

Below are some of the major changes:

- Added a new simple contact card style.
- Support for Dark Mode.
- `OCKButtonLogTaskView` now has a collection view of log buttons, providing the freedom to add additional log buttons.
- Custom style can now be injected into views. See the `OCKStylable` protocol.

- Renamed database properties such as `deletedAt` (to `deletedDate`), `updatedAt` (to `updatedDate`), `effectiveAt` (to `effectiveDate`), `createdAt` (to `createdDate`), and `externalID` (to `remoteID`).
- Added new properties to `OCKPatient` such as sex, birthday, allergies.
- Added ability to fetch and query entities by remote ID, parent entity ID, tag, and group Identifier.
- Added semantic versioning for the database version.
- Removed `versionID` alias.

- Error message are now printing correctly.

Across the Framework:
- Added ability to create custom synchronized cards. For example, to create a custom synchronized task card, see `OCKTaskDisplayer`, `OCKTaskDisplayable`, and `OCKTaskViewController`.
- Bug fixes.
Latest commit 16d8827 Sep 11, 2019


CareKit Framework

License Swift Xcode 11.0+ iOS 13.0+ SPM

CareKit™ is an open source software framework for creating apps that help people better understand and manage their health.

Getting Started


The primary CareKit framework codebase supports iOS and requires Xcode 11.0 or newer. The CareKit framework has a Base SDK version of 13.0, meaning that apps using the CareKit framework can run on devices with iOS 13.0 or newer.


The latest stable version of the CareKit™ framework is version 1.2 and can be cloned with:

git clone -b stable --recurse-submodules

Or, for the latest changes including early access to CareKit 2.0, use the master branch:

git clone


Build the CareKit framework by opening CareKit.xcodeproj and running the CareKit framework target. Optionally, run the unit tests too.

Adding the CareKit framework to your App

To get started, drag CareKit.xcodeproj from your checkout into your iOS app project in Xcode.

Adding the CareKit framework to your

Then, embed the CareKit framework as a dynamic framework in your app, by adding it to the Embedded Binaries section of the General pane for your target as shown in the figure below.

Adding the CareKit framework to
Embedded Binaries

Adding the CareKit framework to Embedded Binaries

Discovering How CareKit Works

One of the best ways to see how CareKit works is to look at the OCKSample app. The simplest way to do this is to open CKWorkspace.xcworkspace, choose the OCKSample scheme, build and run the app. After that take a look at the app's code and experiment by making a few changes.


This project is made available under the terms of a BSD license. See the LICENSE file.

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