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An example of how to do CORS requests to Carriots. A complete client-only frontend display using our weather station (Madrid-Spain). http://demo.carriots.com/meteocarriots/index.html

You can play with the data using the Carriots API and an open data feed.

There is a device available at Carriots where data streams are sent and can be used for your own purposes. Here are the details:

Device ID developer: madrid@carriotsMeteo.carriotsMeteo
Read-only apikey: a3dd2a33c514de9ed0ad1e8e751a82a8c699916858b1ad0a6e2425d71cce48ea
REST request URL (GET stream list):

How to query Carriots API to request data is detailed in our documentation page https://www.carriots.com/documentation/api/data_management#s-list and in this example.


In this example we are using a template from Theme Forest. http://themeforest.net/

If you want to use it, please visit the website and purchase this template.