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Carter J. Bastian's .vimrc

Commands to configure vim. Depends on fugitive.vim, pathogen, and pymode. Thanks to @wchargin for letting me use his .vimrc as a jumping off point. Still a work in progress.

How to Use

If you're new to vim and thinking of copy-pasting this as your .vimrc, I would recommend against it. Even with the dependencies installed, not everything will work for you out of the box. It's probably a better idea just to read through it, see how things are done, and copy over ideas that you like with your own implementation.

Quick warning: this vimrc includes a few hard-coded paths that are not likely to exist on your machine. Read through and edit the autocommands sections to make sure you remove path-dependent customizations such as adding template files from the .vim/templates/ directory.

If you're not new to vim, do whatever you want.


  • Plugins
  • Basic Settings
  • Key re-mappings
  • Tab and Window Mappings
  • Leader-key mappings
  • Custom Operations (Control-key mappings)
    • Insert Mode
    • Normal Mode
    • Visual Mode
  • Smaller Customization (Meta-key mappings)
  • Filetype dependent autocommands
    • .vimrc setup
    • Python customizations
    • Bash Customizations
    • C Customizations
  • Abbreviations and textual shortcuts

Notes and TODOs

The Filetype dependent customizations are somewhat inefficient in terms of code duplication. Right now, there is a preprocessing, postprocessing, and customization function for each filetype. Because I'm only customizing a couple filetypes, this isn't too unruly, but as this is added to in the future, the preprocessing, postprocessing, and customization functions for each filetypes may be combined into a larger functions which parse for a filetype.

I have default templates in .vim/templates. I sometimes toggle between monokai-vim and the default colorscheme.


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