WP Restaurant Theme is a clean and professional restaurant WordPress Theme perfect for Restaurant, Cafe, Coffee house or any food business.
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WP Restaurant Theme

WP Restaurant Theme is a clean, responsive and professional restaurant WordPress Theme perfect for Restaurant, Cafe, Coffee house or any food business.

Project detail

Contributors: catchsquare
Support: https://github.com/catchsquare/wp-restaurant/issues Requires at least: 4.6
Tested up to: 4.9 Stable tag: 1.0
License URI: http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-2.0.htmlPublic License v2 or later Tags: Custom-Background, Custom-Logo, Custom-Menu, Featured-Images, Footer Widgets, Left-Sidebar, No-Sidebar, Right-Sidebar, Threaded-Comments, Translation-Ready


WP Restaurant Theme is a clean, responsive and professional restaurant WordPress Theme perfect for Restaurant, Cafe, Coffee house or any food business. Theme supports Food Menu by Jetpack which you can showcase in your site easily. It has Theme Options panel based on powerful Customizer API which makes theme pretty easy to customize and configure. It is a responsive, cross-browser compatible, SEO friendly theme for all restaurant business which are in need of a theme to start with.


  1. In your admin panel, go to Appearance > Themes and click the Add New button.
  2. Click Upload and Choose File, then select the theme's .zip file. Click Install Now.
  3. Click Activate to use your new theme right away.


WP Restaurant WordPress Theme, Copyright 2018 Catch Square Themes. This theme is distributed under the terms of the GNU GPL

Demo URL


Documentation of WP Restaurant Theme

  1. After activating WP Restaurant Theme, user will need to follow these steps to make this theme work smoothly.

  2. Add a plugin called Jetpack (as recommended by the theme) for menu items.

  3. After activating Jetpack, user will see a new menu in the left hand side of the dashboard named as "Food Menus"

    a. Add menu items from Food Menus. You can

    b. Add menu categories from Menu Sections under Food Menus

    c. Add Menu Item Labels to label your food menu such as sweet, spicy, vegetarian food etc.

  4. Create Pages from Add New button under Pages menu: a. Front Page

     Here you can add your content for your home page. You don't need to alter Template as it is already in default template. You can set featured image to display it aside your content in front page.
     go to Settings > Reading and choose this page as Homepage.

    b. Menu Listing Page

     Create a new page and name it as it suits you. Assign this page as Menu Page from the dropdown in the right hand side under Template.

    c. Blog Page

     Create a blog page. Publish it and now go to Settings > Reading and choose Blog for Posts Page and Front Page for Homepage.
     Click Save Changes.
  5. Using Customizer for WP Restaurant:

    a. Click on Appearance > Customize

    b. Creating Menu:

     Click on Menus > Create New Menu > Write Menu Name > Check box Left Menu or Right Menu > Click Next > Add Items > Choose all the menus you want to be placed in left side of header
     Similarly do it for right side menu.

    c. Site Identity

     You can upload your logo from here.
     Welcome text, site title and Tagline will be shown on the banner image.

    d. Widgets

     WP Restaurant supports at max 3 footer widgets. You can choose widgets for footer from here.

    e. Homepage Template

     You can control your frontend from here.
     i. Click on Banner and check Show Banner Image box. Choose the image you want to show as banner in homepage. You can also set Call to Action button in Contact Us Link Label and Reservation Link Label.
     ii. Click on Home Content and check Show Home Page Content box. Dropdown and select Front Page to show front page content. Content Length box allows you to show exactly how many characters to be shown in the home page.
     iii. Click on Menu and check Show menu section in frontpage box. Menu Main Title and Menu Sub Title can be handled from here and is displayed on the red box where food menus are shown. View more text label is shown in the right hand top side of the same section which will take user to menu listing page.
     iv. Click on Menu Banner and check Show menu banner section in frontpage box. Select Image and fill the empty fields as per requirement which is displayed in the frontend.

    f. Contact Information

     Click on Contact Information and check Show Contact in Front Page and fill up the empty fields which will be displayed in the frontend.

    At last, publish it and all of the new changes shall be seen in the frontend.


Does theme take any logo sizes?

The logo placement is a bit tricky. We recommend to use at max 275 x 275 px logo size or else crop your logo to suit the theme.


= 1.0.0 - 05 Feb 2018 =
* Initial release

= 1.0.1 - 05 Feb 2018 =
* Initial release

= 1.0.2 - 05 Feb 2018 =
* Fixed text domain

= 1.0.3 - 10 March 2018 =
* Fixes Footer Widgets

= 1.0.4 - 10 March 2018 =
* design fixes

= 1.0.6 - 16 March 2018 =
* Breadcrumb design fixes

= 1.0.7 - 20 March 2018 =

= 1.0.8 - 25 March 2018 =
* Front page menu design fixes

= 1.0.9 - 11 April 2018 =
* Fixed compatiblility with PHP 5.2
* Added Licensing
* function name prefix change

= 1.0.10 - 19 April 2018 =
*  fixed showing blank content in fresh install WordPress and others

= 1.0.11 - 21 April 2018 =
* Declare theme copyright format
* screenshot dimension fixed
* Google fonts hanled with theme prefix
* Define variable with theme prefix
* Remove inline CSS scripts.

= 1.0.12 - 21 April 2018 =
* Fixed css handle issue
* Fixed Image layout position in page and post
* Fixed Menu listing design
* Documentation added

= 1.0.13 - 13 May 2018 =
* Remove unused post format support

= 1.0.14 - 15 May 2018 =
* Added Theme URI and Author URI

= 1.0.16 - 01 July 2018 =
* Home content showing full content when no featured image available

= 1.0.17 - 13 July 2018 =
* Front page showing full content

= 1.0.18 - 16 July 2018 =
* Button margin fixes