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Notes: First Release

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The first release of Bulletin brings back and adds upon the features introduced in the prototype. Bulletin is currently in a state that allows users to login/register at the website and post to fixed groups.


  • Register Visitors can register to access the site. Visitors are asked for their first name, last name, email and password. Visitors can't make multiple accounts under the same email (unique user emails). Once visitors have filled out the registration form, a verification email is sent to the provided email address, providing a link to activate the account.
  • About Visitors and users can click on a link to learn more about Bulletin from the login page.
  • Sign in Registered users can login via the main page. They are asked to provide their email and password.
  • Inbox/groups Users that have signed in can view the inbox (a future release), and groups that they are a member of. All users are currently members of 3 static, pre-made groups. In each group, users can view posts made by other members to that group.
  • Post Users can make text posts to groups that they are a member of.
  • Avatar Users with an email associated with a gravatar ( account will automatically use the gravatar avatar.


Some things that might not be working:

  • Users can access non-existent groups and make posts in them.
  • Registration emails can be delayed for prolonged periods of time (email isn't always immediately sent).

Accessing the release

You can visit the website at

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