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TestNG testing framework
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Latest commit 962fa78 @cbeust Update Kobalt
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ant Merge branch 'rschmitt-yaml'
bin Added EmailableReporter
doc Doc update
eclipse-projects Checking in the update site
gradle Add provided or optional on dependencies
kobalt Update Kobalt
lib-supplied Switching to jarjar.
maven Maven is now able to run TestNG own tests
pictures testng-eclipse #124: doc for preferences and properties
src Fix for issue #969. Add parameters test for failed reporter.
www Initial commit
.classpath Eclipse source path.
.classpath-linux Updated .classpath files
.classpath-mac Updated .classpath files
.gitignore Refactored data provider's parameter values passing to a varargs or n…
.mailmap Fix contributors info from commit
.project .classpath/.project
.travis.yml Fix travis
ANNOUNCEMENT.txt Initial commit
CHANGES.txt Fix for issue #969. Add parameters test for failed reporter.
CHECKLIST Added CHECKLIST for releases.
FILES Examples didn't build from the zip file.
LICENSE.txt Initial commit
NOTES Signing the bundle.
README-publish README-publish Ivy support. Instructions updates. Update README with link to the Jigsaw build
TESTNG-5.11beta test/src/test/configuration/
TODO.txt Sequence order mis-calculation: testing using suite in sequence for c…
appveyor.yml Use AppVeyor as Windows CI
build-with-gradle Remove redundant cleanTest; use gradle daemon
build-with-maven Incorporate changes from tpollak.
build.gradle Update version
bundle-pom.xml use Ant 1.7.0
deploy-to-maven Automatically close and promote on Nexus.
gradlew +x for gradlew
gradlew.bat Check in.
kobaltw Update Kobalt to 0.296.
pom.xml Fix for issue #969. Add parameters test for failed reporter.
settings.gradle Enforce proper project name in gradle
sitemap.xml Sitemap
testng-1.0.dtd.html Fixed web DTD.
testng-1.0.dtd.php Minor fix to the DTD PHP generator. Fix travis Stop copying the javadocs
upload-beta Tweak upload script.
verify-release 6.5.1 release fixes.

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