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TestNG testing framework
Java Other
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3rdparty Added DocLava and Cobertura (disabled by default).
bin Added EmailableReporter
doc Add constructor injection for DataProvider
eclipse-projects Checking in the update site
examples Fixed examples build.
gigaspaces Issue 5:
lib-supplied Switching to jarjar.
maven Initial commit
old Cleaned up src/test/java
pictures Pictures for the documentation.
spring Ivy support.
src Use inheritance for collections classes
www Initial commit
.classpath .classpath/.project
.classpath-linux Updated .classpath files
.classpath-mac Updated .classpath files
.gitignore fix jar scanning for <packages> element in testng.xml suite descripti…
.project .classpath/.project
ANNOUNCEMENT.txt Initial commit
CHANGES.txt Add documentation
CHECKLIST Added CHECKLIST for releases.
FILES Examples didn't build from the zip file.
LICENSE.txt Initial commit
NOTES Signing the bundle.
README Updated GitHub project url in README to be 'https' instead of outdate… Ivy support. Instructions updates.
README.template Change subversion reference to github
TESTNG-5.11beta test/src/test/configuration/
TODO.txt Sequence order mis-calculation: testing using suite in sequence for c…
build-ant.xml Cleaned up src/test/java
build-tests.xml Use Java7
build-with-maven Incorporate changes from tpollak. 6.8.14.
build.xml Use Java7
bundle-pom.xml use Ant 1.7.0
ivy-2.1.0.jar Ivy support.
ivy.xml Upgrade to Snake YAML 1.12.
pom-test.xml Adjustments to Vlad's branch to make the tests pass.
pom.xml Fix maven configuration
sitemap.xml Sitemap
testng-1.0.dtd.html Fixed web DTD.
testng-1.0.dtd.php Minor fix to the DTD PHP generator. Script update.
upload-beta Tweak upload script.
verify-release 6.5.1 release fixes.


Welcome to TestNG 6.8beta

Please note that even though the .zip distribution contains the TestNG sources,
you will not be able to build the software with them because we decided
not to include the external jar files in order to keep the size down.

If you want to build TestNG, please sync to the GitHub repository at

The TestNG team
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