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TestNG testing framework
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Latest commit d52416d @cbeust Fix TestNG + Kobalt.
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ant Merge branch 'rschmitt-yaml'
bin Added EmailableReporter
doc Fixing Code review comments.
eclipse-projects Checking in the update site
gradle Add provided or optional on dependencies
kobalt Fix TestNG + Kobalt.
lib-supplied Switching to jarjar.
maven Maven is now able to run TestNG own tests
pictures testng-eclipse #124: doc for preferences and properties
src Comma.
www Initial commit
.classpath Eclipse source path.
.classpath-linux Updated .classpath files
.classpath-mac Updated .classpath files
.gitignore .gitignore
.mailmap Fix contributors info from commit
.project .classpath/.project
.travis.yml Fix travis
ANNOUNCEMENT.txt Initial commit
CHANGES.txt Expose Suite and Test objects for altercation
CHECKLIST Added CHECKLIST for releases.
FILES Examples didn't build from the zip file.
LICENSE.txt Initial commit
NOTES Signing the bundle.
README-publish README-publish Ivy support. Instructions updates. Update README with link to the Jigsaw build
TESTNG-5.11beta test/src/test/configuration/
TODO.txt Sequence order mis-calculation: testing using suite in sequence for c…
appveyor.yml Use AppVeyor as Windows CI
build-with-gradle Remove redundant cleanTest; use gradle daemon
build-with-maven Incorporate changes from tpollak.
build.gradle Improve dependency order
bundle-pom.xml use Ant 1.7.0
deploy-to-maven Automatically close and promote on Nexus.
gradlew +x for gradlew
gradlew.bat Check in.
kobaltw Update Kobalt to 0.296.
pom.xml Fix maven tests: Set resources location
settings.gradle Enforce proper project name in gradle
sitemap.xml Sitemap
testng-1.0.dtd.html Fixed web DTD.
testng-1.0.dtd.php Minor fix to the DTD PHP generator. Fix travis Stop copying the javadocs
upload-beta Tweak upload script.
verify-release 6.5.1 release fixes.

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