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Evaluate: Commands and Capabilities

cdxy edited this page Nov 24, 2020 · 2 revisions

检测容器内可用的linux命令以及linux capabilities,其中常用的linux命令如apt/yum, curl, wget, nc, python等会方便后续渗透流程,此外capabilities可以用于判断容器是否为特权容器,某些敏感的capabilities入CAP_SYSADMIN, CAP_NETADMIN, CAP_PTRACE等也可用来进行容器逃逸。

Detect available linux commands and capabilities inside container. Commands like apt/yum, curl, wget, nc, python, etc will do a great help to further penetration test, and capabilities like CAP_SYSADMIN, CAP_NETADMIN, CAP_PTRACE will offer you a chance to escape current container.


cdk evaluate



Edit this file and rebuild CDK.

// check useful linux commands in container
var LinuxCommandChecklist = []string{