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Tool: probe

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Tool: probe


Custom TCP IP/Port scan.

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cdk probe <ip> <port> <parallel> <timeout-ms>

<ip> : 扫描单个IP类似'',或者扫描IP段类似''
<port> : 要扫描的端口,类似'22,80,100-200'
<parallel> : 最大并发数,过高会触发linux `too many open files` error, 如果不确定可以使用50
<timeout-ms> : 每个TCP连接的超时时间(毫秒),如果不确定可以使用1000
cdk probe <ip> <port> <parallel> <timeout-ms>

<ip> : single ip like '' or ip range like ''
<port> : port list like '22,80,100-200'
<parallel> : the max parallels, too high will trigger linux `too many open files` error, use 50 if you are not sure.
<timeout-ms> : timeout(millisecond) for each TCP connection, use 1000 if you are not sure.