How to setup quota alerts

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Setting up quota alerts (without purging files)

    1. Define a purge trigger on user or group usage in the config file, and activate "alert_high" parameter.


Purge_Trigger {
  # this quota applies to the given set of users (wildcards allowed)
  trigger_on         = user_usage(foo, charlie, project*);
  high_threshold_vol = 1TB;
  low_threshold_vol  = 900GB;
  check_interval     = 1d ;
  alert_high = yes;
    1. Then, you can run robinhood with the "--check-thresholds" option after you scanned. This will result in checking triggers without purging, and send a notification when a user quota is exceeded.


  • for a daily/weekly one-shot command, execute:
    robinhood --scan --check-watermarks --once
  • for an ever-running daemon:
  • in /etc/sysconfig/robinhood, set:
    RBH_OPT="--scan --check-watermarks --detach"
  • then start the daemon:
    service robinhood start
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