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Latex Package that allows creating a pdfpc compatible notes file directly from your latex presentation \notes.


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This is a LaTeX Package that allows creating pdfpc compatible notes file directly from your latex presentation \notes.

It was created as a result from a question on stackoverflow.


Download pdfpcnotes.sty from github and put it somewhere where latex can find it.
The same directory as your .tex file will work.

Add \usepackage{pdfpcnotes} somewhere before \begin{document} in your .tex-file.

You can then use the \pnote{} command like you used \note{} before. Behavior will be the same but it will additionally write notes to file in pdfpc readable format.

When running for example pdflatex you will end up with an additional .pdfpc file that will automatically be recognized by pdfpc and displays your notes nicely in the notes section on your control screen.

Check the demo/ folder for an example .tex file.


It is possible to give the following options for \usepackage:

  • duration=N: Set the duration in minutes. See --duration
  • lastminutes=N: pdfpc will warn during the last N minute. See --last-minutes.
  • starttime=HH:MM: Set the start time of the presentation. See --start-time.
  • endtime=HH:MM: Set the end time of the presentation. See --end-time.

Anything not working yet?

  • It does not preserve newlines, so everything in a \pnote{} will end up in one line of the output file. To replace newlines and paragraphs you may use the following commands:

        sed -i 's/\\\\/\n/g' slides.pdfpc
        sed -i 's/\\par/\n\n/g' slides.pdfpc


I'm happy to receive your feedback! Drop me a line to or write in github issue tracker if you find a bug.