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(python Terminal Toolkit) is a Text-based user interface library (TUI) Evolved from the discontinued project pyCuT and inspired by a mix of Qt5,GTK, and tkinter api definition with a touch of personal interpretation


Try the Sandbox straight from your browser


Powered by Pyodide and xterm.js and CodeMirror5 and w2ui

Be inspired by the Tutorials and the Examples

Don't get bored by the Api Definitions

Smell deliciousness with the official pyTermTk tool for designing and building Text-based user interfaces (TUIs)

Unravel your inner artist with The Terminal ASCII Photoshop

pyTermTk is available on PyPI

pip3 install --upgrade pyTermTk

Quick Test/Try - no install required


git clone
cd pyTermTk


# Press CTRL-C to exit (CTRL-Break on Windows)

# Showcase Demo
python3 demo/ -f

# run the ttkDesigner
python3 -m ttkDesigner

# Text edit with "Pygments" highlight integrated
# it require pygments
#   pip install pygments
python3 tests/

Projects using pyTermTk

  • ttkDesigner - the official pyTermTk tool for designing and building Text-based user interfaces (TUIs)
  • the DumbPaintTool - The Terminal ASCII Photoshop
  • tlogg - A fast, advanced log explorer.
  • ttkode - TerminalToolKit (Studio) Code (editor)
  • pytest-fold - A Pytest plugin to make console output more manageable when there are multiple failed tests
  • pytest-tui - A Text User Interface (TUI) for Pytest, automatically launched after your test run is finished
  • breakoutRL - Breakout the Roguelike
  • 7drl-2024 - A Snake🐍 on a Plane✈️ - The Roguelike

Related Projects

  • Honourable mention

    • bpytop - Linux/OSX/FreeBSD resource monitor
      This was the base inspiration for my core library
  • Python

    • urwid - Console user interface library for Python
    • pyTermGUI - A simple yet powerful TUI framework for your Python (3.7+) applications
    • Textual - TUI (Text User Interface) framework for Python inspired by modern web development
    • Rich - Python library for rich text and beautiful formatting in the terminal
    • PyCuT - terminal graphic library loosely based on QT api (my previous failed attempt)
    • pyTooling.TerminalUI - A set of helpers to implement a text user interface (TUI) in a terminal.
  • Non Python