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libCellML is an easy-to-use library aiming to be useful to developers of CellML applications.

The prime libCellML repository is located at

The documentation for the libCellML project is available at


The purpose of libCellML is to create, manipulate, serialise, deserialise, validate and instantiate CellML models. In the first instance, all serialising and deserialising will be to and from standard strings and local files using the CellML XML format.

The library is intended to be lightweight and focused purely in dealing with CellML 2.0+ models. In achieving this, some of the convenience methods/objects that we might expect will not be part of libCellML. For example, in our current thoughts, libCellML would not be concerned with the actual mechanics of resolving and retrieving remote resources - calling applications would be required to resolve and retrieve remote import URLs and provide the serialised documents to libCellML in the form of strings for instantiation as part of the CellML hierarchical model description.

Example code will be provided that demonstrates how such tasks can be achieved using standard tools, i.e. libcurl for C/C++ and requests for Python to resolve and retrieve imported models.

Continuous Integration

libCellML makes use of Buildbot for continuous integration testing, all code is run through the test suite when a pull request is created or added to. More information on how Buildbot is integrated in to the development process is available from the documentation at


libCellML is an open-source project, thus, welcoming contributions.

If you are interested we encourage you to fork libCellML on GitHub and submit a pull request with your modifications. For more information on contributing code see the documentation at