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YALA - Yet Another Linter Aggregator

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YALA combines many linters to improve the quality of your code. Other projects may come to your mind, but does anyone have all the features below?

Works with latest linters

Yala uses linters' outputs and doesn't break when their APIs change.

Same defaults

No changes to linters' default configuration.

Easy to configure

Set any command-line option for any linter (even pylint!) in setup.cfg.


Run linters in parallel.

Current Status

Currently supported Python tools:


Tested with Python >= 3.6. You can specify multiple linters separated by commas:

  • yala installs isort, pycodestyle, and pylint (minimal install);
  • yala[all] adds mypy, pydocstyle, pyflakes, and radon;
  • yala[all,flake8] also adds flake8;
# Minimal: isort, pycodestyle and pylint
sudo pip3 install --upgrade yala
# OR (almost) all supported linters
sudo pip3 install --upgrade yala[all]
# OR choose your linters (+isort, pycodestyle and pylint)
sudo pip3 install --upgrade yala[mypy,radon]

If you are willing to hack yala's code, run the command below in this README's folder:

# Use pip
sudo pip3 install --editable .[all,dev]
# OR pipenv
pipenv sync --dev


Just call yala followed by the files and/or folders to lint.


Besides the standard configuration files of each linter, as in their docs, you can specify any command-line option in setup.cfg with yala.

Writing command-line arguments for linters in setup.cfg is particularly useful for pylint because it ignores setup.cfg and requires you to write an extra file. Now, you don't have to.

The default configuration file is in yala/setup.cfg. You can copy it to your project's root folder and customize it. If you need other configuration for a nested directory, just create another file there.

Linters' options

For example, to disable a specific pylint warning and output grades C and lower for Radon Maintainability Index (default is D or worse), add the following to setup.cfg:

pylint args = --disable=TODO
radon mi args = --min C

Besides pylint, you can define CLI options for isort, pycodestyle, pydocstyle, etc (the names are exactly as they are called in command line).

Choosing linters

All supported and installed linters are enabled by default.

You can customize the linters in setup.cfg by either:

linters = isort, pycodestyle


linters = 

Or even a mix of both: multiple linters in multiple lines.


Run pydocstyle and pylint without missing-docstring errors (besides isort, pycodestyle, and pylint that are installed by default):

pip install --upgrade yala[pydocstyle]
add-ignore = D1

pylint args = --disable=C0114,C0115,C0116

If you're using black with isort, pycodestyle and flake8, make sure to set options that won't conflict, for instance:


max-line-length = 88

max-line-length = 88

Hacking: Adding a linter

Check the file yala/ and feel free to ask for help.