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Ceph is a distributed object, block, and file storage platform
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Latest commit d704c54 @liewegas liewegas Merge pull request #6081 from trociny/wip-pool_opts_t
osd: pg_pool_t: add dictionary for pool options

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admin admin/build-doc: add lxml dependencies on debian
bin rename from bin/
ceph-erasure-code-corpus @ b0d1137 tests: ceph-erasure-code-corpus must test SIMD variants
ceph-object-corpus @ 67383cc ceph-object-corpus: remove hammer foo and bar coll_t's
cmake/modules cmake: add nss as a suffix for pk11pub.h
debian Merge remote-tracking branch 'gh/jewel'
doc osd: store per pool scrub intervals in pool options
etc etc/sysconfig/ceph: add CEPH_AUTO_RESTART_ON_UPGRADE
examples Fix Makefile in example/librados file.
fusetrace remove superfluous second semicolons at end of lines
keys new release key
m4 crc32c: add aarch64 optimized crc32c implementation
man selinux: Fix man page location
qa osd: store per pool scrub intervals in pool options
rpm Move fedora patch file (used by to rpm/ subdir
selinux selinux: Fix man page location
share ceph-post-file: single command to upload a file to cephdrop
src osd: store per pool scrub intervals in pool options
systemd doc: fix message typos in systemd
udev ceph-disk: fix typos in udev rules
.gitignore tests: ignore test-suite.log
.gitmodule_mirrors remove libs3 submodule
.gitmodules remove libs3 submodule
.mailmap mailmap: Jenkins affiliation
.organizationmap mailmap: Jenkins affiliation
.peoplemap mailmap: Jenkins affiliation
CMakeLists.txt Merge pull request #6292 from dx9/wip-12406-res_nquery
CONTRIBUTING.rst doc: recommendations related to performances / cleanup
COPYING SIGPIPE suppression for platforms without SO_NOSIGPIPE or MSG_NOSIGNAL
COPYING-GPL2 Add GPLv2 text file
COPYING-LGPL2.1 COPYING: note licenses for all files, not just the default
ChangeLog first pass at autoconf and automake
CodingStyle Clarify CodingStyle with respect to tab compression of space runs
Doxyfile doc: do not doxygen src/tracing
INSTALL Update INSTALL to mention the submodules/recursive tests: restore run-cli-tests
NEWS first pass at autoconf and automake
PendingReleaseNotes mon/PGMonitor: remove map_pg_creates, send_pg_creates commands
README README: symlink from
README.aix aix shared library build
README.cmake Combined CMake Build for Hammer Add basic CMake instructions
README.solaris aix gcc librados port
README.xio xio: Update README.xio with dependencies
SubmittingPatches SubmittingPatches: clarify how Reviewed-by lines are added rocksdb: build rocksdb with its own Makefile Merge branch 'wip-11286' of Merge pull request #6675 from rohanmars/wip-aix-librados-port tools: fix -R
doc_deps.deb.txt doc: The dot package is included in graphviz package Revert " use %bcond_with selinux on SLE/openSUSE" remove rest-bench bz2 only
pom.xml update license for libcephfs make-check: support MAKEOPTS overrides.

Ceph - a scalable distributed storage system

Please see for current info.

Contributing Code

Most of Ceph is licensed under the LGPL version 2.1. Some miscellaneous code is under BSD-style license or is public domain. The documentation is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike (CC BY-SA). There are a handful of headers included here that are licensed under the GPL. Please see the file COPYING for a full inventory of licenses by file.

Code contributions must include a valid "Signed-off-by" acknowledging the license for the modified or contributed file. Please see the file SubmittingPatches for details on what that means and on how to generate and submit patches.

We do not require assignment of copyright to contribute code; code is contributed under the terms of the applicable license.

Build Prerequisites

The list of Debian or RPM packages dependencies can be installed with:


Note: libsnappy-dev and libleveldb-dev are not available upstream for Debian Squeeze. Backports for Ceph can be found at

Building Ceph


Developers, please refer to the Developer Guide for more information, otherwise, you can build the server daemons, and FUSE client, by executing the following:


(Note that the FUSE client will only be built if libfuse is present.)


Prerequisite: CMake 2.8.11

Build instructions:

mkdir build
cd build
cmake [options] /path/to/ceph/src/dir

(Note that /path/to/ceph/src/dir can be in the tree and out of the tree)


The configure script will complain about any missing dependencies as it goes. You can also refer to debian/control or for the package build dependencies on those platforms. In many cases, dependencies can be avoided with --with-foo or --without-bar switches. For example,

./configure --with-nss         # use libnss instead of libcrypto++
./configure --without-radosgw  # do not build radosgw
./configure --without-tcmalloc # avoid google-perftools dependency

Building packages

You can build packages for Debian or Debian-derived (e.g., Ubuntu) systems with

sudo apt-get install dpkg-dev
dpkg-checkbuilddeps        # make sure we have all dependencies

For RPM-based systems (Red Hat, SUSE, etc.),


Building the Documentation


The list of package dependencies for building the documentation can be found in doc_deps.deb.txt:

sudo apt-get install `cat doc_deps.deb.txt`

Building the Documentation

To build the documentation, ensure that you are in the top-level `/ceph directory, and execute the build script. For example:

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