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st-tree commented Feb 3, 2021

What language are you using?


What operating system (Linux, Ubuntu, …) and version?

Linux centos 7

What runtime / compiler are you using (e.g. jdk version or version of gcc)

Make sure you include information that can help us debug (full error message, exception listing, stack trace, logs).

Lukasa commented Sep 24, 2020

If you want to work with a complete socket address type including port, we have a helper in SocketAddress. However, the moment you want to talk only about an IP address we force you to hold an in_addr or in_addr6 structure: hardly the friendliest versions of these data types.

We should provide a helpful wrapper IPAddress type that can be converted into those types as needed. This would

phpcyy commented Dec 28, 2020

As far as I know, TarsGo supports registering client filter with tars.RegisterClientFilter() method.
And if you have multiple client filter, you may have to use tars.RegisterPreClientFilter and tars.RegisterPostClientFilter.

However, I don't want to split any of them to one pre filter and one post filter when I register multiple client filters.

For example, I register client breaker


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