Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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1. How do I create a master node?

A master node not only earns you an income, it provides a valuable service to the Chaincoin network. As such, it needs to be hosted on a computer that is online 24/7 and has a static IP address. This is not normally your home computer. We strongly recommend you use a hosted VPS such as those provided by We have developed a written guide and a set of tutorial videos to help you deploy a masternode. You should have some level of computer ability before attempting this. You should also follow the guide EXACTLY, checking that you have file and pathnames correct (for example, ~/.chaincoin is right, ~./chaincoin is wrong. chaincoin.conf is right, chaincoind.conf is wrong). The PDF guide is here: How to Setup Masternodes ( The tutorial videos are here: YouTube Guide to Chaincoin Masternodes (

2. What do I do if I run into a problem?

First, check you have followed the setup steps exactly. If you are using the PF< try watching the videos as well, and vice versa. You might see you missed a step or typed something wrong. - Wait. Some actions on the server (starting it, receiving coins etc) can take some time. - Join our Slack teamat Chaincoin Slack Invite ( and go to the #support channel

3. Can I run multiple masternodes from one server?

Masternodes are designed to help the network. As such, each one should be on a separate server. Trying to run more than one on the same server might seem like a good idea for you, but it doesn't really help Chaincoin! Having said that, we havent found a reliable way to run multiple masternodes on one server. Each one would need it's own IP address for a start. This may change in future, with new releases of the code. If so, we'll update the Wiki

4. How do I setup a masternode on Mac/Windows/Raspberry PI/My refrigerator

We are working with teammembers and developers to create guides for other operating systems. Your masternode should not really be hosted on your Desktop - it really needs to be on a fast network, 24/7, with a static IP address Having said that, as guides for other operating systems are developed, we'll let you know here and at

5. How many coins do I need to run a masternode?

To be able to run a masternode you need to have exactly 1000 CHC. These coins have to be transfered in exactly one transaction so if you send 2 x 500 coins to your address it will not work.

6. What is POS_ERROR when I check my IP masternode ? How to fix that ?

POS_ERROR — How to fix, stop masternode service. Delete mncache.dat. Start masternode service. Unlock node on wallet, enable again. - sliff2000

7. I get an error "You must set masternode=1 in the configuration file"

This error happens when you don't put masternode=1 in chaincoin.conf file or you put chaincoin.conf file in the wrong directory. Most common problem is omitting . (dot) in front of chaincoin when following the masternode guide. In UNIX systems .chaincoin and chaincoin are two different directories. To check contents of your chaincoin.conf file type nano ~/.chaincoin/chaincoin.conf and add the missing lines to fix the error.

8. How to check if my masternode is running?

You can check status of your masternode by typing masternodelist status . If the status is Enabled your masternode is running.

9. Does having more coins in the masternode increase reward?

No. If you have multiple thousands of CHC coins you can increase rewards by running multiple masternodes.

10. Is there any way i can configure masternode to work with no-ip/dynamic-ip ?

No. This is not possible.

11. I started my masternode couple of days ago an I still haven't received any rewards is everything ok ? What should I do?

First check the status of your masternode by typing masternodelist status . If it says enabled it is ok and you will be receiving your reward soon. If it says expired restart the masternode. Rewards are random so sometimes it can take couple of days before you get your first reward. Sometimes you get multiple rewards on the first day and then it takes forever to get next reward. As the number of masternodes grow it takes more time.

12. Where is my wallet.dat located?

For the GUI wallet, you specified this location the first time you ran the program.
By default:
On Windows 7+ it is in C:\Users<username>\AppData\Roaming\Chaincoin where is your account login
On Linux (Ubuntu) it is in ~/.chaincoin On Mac it is in ~/Library/Application Support/Chaincoin

13. How to edit the chaincoin.conf on ubuntu VPS?

Type nano ~/.chaincoin/chaincoin.conf

14. I sent my coins from cryptopia to my VPS. Cryptopia says that the transfer is complete but I still have 0 CHC when I check balance with chaincoind getinfo? Are my coins lost?

Your coins are not lost. To be able to see the balance on the VPS your VPS wallet has to sync with the network. Once this process is complete you will be able to see your funds. To see if transaction went through on the blockchain copy/paste your receiving address into Blockchain Explorer ( This will show you your address current balance.

15. My wallet is not syncing I have 0 connections for hours is there a solution?

You can solve this problem by adding nodes directly to the chaincoin.conf under listen=1 line. And then restarting the client. Nodes list can be found by typing chaincoin-cli masternode list and then adding them if they are enabled. Alternatively you can find nodes on block explorer but keep in mind that some of them are home computers and might be offline. If you are really lazy just copy couple of the nodes from this list. (list is created by randomly copy/pasting 40 of the nodes from masternodelist output on 07/16/2017)

16. My node has stopped responding to commands. When I type chaincoind getinfo nothing happens and I am unable to shut it down with chaincoind stop?

You will have to kill the process or restart the server

17. When should I backup my wallet?

It is best to backup your wallet.dat before you send the coins to your wallet. If you followed the tutorial best time to do it is just after you generated new address with chaincoind getaccountaddress 0. You can also make additional backup after the transaction.

18. How to backup wallet.dat?

The easiest way is by using a FTP client like Filezilla . To connect to your server type in your server IP address and port 22 and then navigate to .chaincoin folder and download wallet.dat file.

19. How to fix "Invalid masternodeprivkey. Please see documenation."?

Please make sure you have pulled the latest code from the github repository, this has been fixed.

20. I can't seem to compile the code, what is wrong??

Many things could be wrong, you need to find the specific error and correct that. If you are following a guide and you encounter an error then you need to stop and correct the error before continuing otherwise the process will not complete.

Here are 5 very simple commands which will install all the necessary dependencies to compile the non-gui wallet on Ubuntu:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:bitcoin/bitcoin
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install build-essential libtool autotools-dev autoconf automake
sudo apt-get install pkg-config libssl-dev libdb4.8-dev libdb4.8++-dev
sudo apt-get install libevent-dev libboost-all-dev libminiupnpc-dev
After that, assuming you have cloned the repository and are in the correct folder you need to run the following 4 commands which must all complete without errors:
./configure --without-gui --disable-tests
sudo make install

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