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Quickstart for PhoneGap NFC - Cordova CLI

These instructions use Cordova to generate a default PhoneGap app and modify it to read NFC tags. BlackBerry users should refer to Getting Started with BlackBerry 10.

Cordova Command Line Interface (CLI)

The Cordova Command Line Interface cordova-cli can be used to create, build and run multi-platform Cordova projects. Cordova CLI requires node.js, git and the SDK tools for your target platform (Android, BlackBerry10 or Windows Phone 8.)

$ npm install cordova -g

Generate a project

$ cd ~
$ cordova create foo Foo

Add Android

$ cd foo
$ cordova platform add android

Install the Plugin

$ cordova plugin add phonegap-nfc

Edit index.js

Edit index.js and modify onDeviceReady with the following code

onDeviceReady: function() {

    // Read NDEF formatted NFC Tags
    nfc.addNdefListener (
        function (nfcEvent) {
            var tag = nfcEvent.tag,
                ndefMessage = tag.ndefMessage;

            // dump the raw json of the message
            // note: real code will need to decode
            // the payload from each record

            // assuming the first record in the message has
            // a payload that can be converted to a string.
        function () { // success callback
            alert("Waiting for NDEF tag");
        function (error) { // error callback
            alert("Error adding NDEF listener " + JSON.stringify(error));

Run the code

Plug your phone into your computer.

Build and run the code

$ cd ~/foo
$ cordova run

Scan a NDEF tag

Scan an NDEF tag with your phone. If you need to put data on a tag, try writing a plain text message to a tag with NXP Tag Writer.

Basic App Dump Tag As JSON Payload As String