Responsive HTML email template designed to work on all major email platforms and smartphones
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Responsive HTML Email Template

This template is designed to work on all major email platforms. It is built with media query, making it responsive for smartphones that support media query. It serves as a foundation that has been tested and thoroughly reviewed for compatibility, making it very easy to customize and make changes.

Using MailChimp's html email template (blue-print) as the foundation, this template is an improved version with more row options, redefined structure and many fixes for Outlook, Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, e.t.c.

Download with Bower

$ bower install respmail

If you don't know what Bower is, read more about it here


Author: Preview



Anyone with strong knowledge of html email coding can make a pull request for changes and improvements. Please always clarify and if possible, share online resources to prove or view your suggestion.