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The network looking glass that tries to make the internet better.

A looking glass is implemented by network operators as a way of providing customers, peers, or the general public with a way to easily view elements of, or run tests from the provider's network.

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hyperglass is intended to make implementing a looking glass too easy not to do, with the lofty goal of improving the internet community at large by making looking glasses more common across autonomous systems of any size.

⚠️ v1.0.0 is currently in beta. While everything should work, some things might not. Documentation and the live demo are not yet complete. For a fully working and documented version of hyperglass, please go to the v0 branch.



  • BGP Route, BGP Community, BGP AS Path, Ping, & Traceroute
  • Full IPv6 support
  • Customizable everything: features, theme, UI/API text, error messages, commands
  • Built in support for:
    • Cisco IOS/IOS-XE
    • Cisco NX-OS
    • Cisco IOS-XR
    • Juniper JunOS
    • Arista EOS
    • Huawei
    • VyOS
    • FRRouting
    • BIRD
  • Configurable support for any other supported platform
  • Optionally access devices via an SSH proxy/jump server
  • VRF support
  • Access List/prefix-list style query control to whitelist or blacklist query targets on a per-VRF basis
  • REST API with automatic, configurable OpenAPI documentation
  • Modern, responsive UI built on ReactJS, with NextJS & Chakra UI
  • Query multiple devices simultaneously
  • Browser-based DNS-over-HTTPS resolution of FQDN queries

To request support for a specific platform, please submit a Github Issue with the enhancement label.

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Any users, potential users, or contributors of hyperglass are welcome to join and discuss usage, feature requests, bugs, and other things.

hyperglass is developed with the express intention of being free to the networking community.

However, the hyperglass demo does cost @checktheroads about $15/month for 3 Digital Ocean droplets, and $60/year for the domain. If you're feeling particularly helpful and want to help offset that cost, small donations are welcome.



Clear BSD License

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