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Platform Security Assessment Framework
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CHIPSEC: Platform Security Assessment Framework

CHIPSEC is a framework for analyzing the security of PC platforms including hardware, system firmware (BIOS/UEFI), and platform components. It includes a security test suite, tools for accessing various low level interfaces, and forensic capabilities. It can be run on Windows, Linux, and UEFI shell. Instructions for installing and using CHIPSEC can be found in the manual.

NOTE: This software is for security testing purposes. Use at your own risk.

Read WARNING.txt before using.

Questions? Enter a new issue labeled as question, or e-mail

Upcoming Events

Training at Recon -- Intel's Advanced Threat Research team will be offering training in system firmware security July 16-18 2015 at Recon.


May 2015: Version 1.2.0 released! This version enhances the platform configuration format with the "controls" abstraction, adds support for UEFI variable access in UEFI shell, and upgrades to new, sphinx-based documentation.

March 2015: A New Class of Vulnerabilities in SMI Handlers and release of smm_ptr tool.

August 2014: Summary of Attacks Against BIOS and Secure Boot and related CHIPSEC modules at DEFCON 22

March 2014: Announcement at CanSecWest 2014 and first public release!

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