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ErikBjorge authored and BrentHoltsclaw committed e7f8db4 Jul 9, 2020
Updated Python UEFI Shell support to enable passing 64-bit addresses when accessing memory/MMIO.

Signed-off-by: Erik Bjorge <>


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CHIPSEC: Platform Security Assessment Framework

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CHIPSEC is a framework for analyzing the security of PC platforms including hardware, system firmware (BIOS/UEFI), and platform components. It includes a security test suite, tools for accessing various low level interfaces, and forensic capabilities. It can be run on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and UEFI shell. Instructions for installing and using CHIPSEC can be found in the manual.

NOTE: This software is for security testing purposes. Use at your own risk. Read WARNING.txt before using.

First version of CHIPSEC was released in March 2014: Announcement at CanSecWest 2014

Recent presentation on how to use CHIPSEC to find vulnerabilities in firmware, hypervisors and hardware configuration, explore low level system assets and even detect firmware implants: Exploring Your System Deeper

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