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Welcome to the chipsec wiki!

Platform Security Assessment

Platform Firmware Security Assessment with CHIPSEC - CanSecWest 2014

Vulnerabilities and CHIPSEC Modules

Getting Started

Creating a Bootable USB with CHIPSEC

One easy way to try CHIPSEC without installing anything is to create a bootable USB. Simply boot off the USB drive, and run CHIPSEC under Linux. Platform security testing is just as valid in this environment.

Installing CHIPSEC in Linux

Some tests are best run from a minimal environment like the UEFI shell.

Creating a Bootable USB drive with UEFI Shell

Installing CHIPSEC

Installing CHIPSEC in Windows

Installing CHIPSEC in Linux

Installing CHIPSEC in MacOS


Creating CHIPSEC Modules & Commands

BSidesPDX 2018 Workshop

Community Meetings

Community meetings are held quarterly.

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