Chef cookbook to install chocolatey and packages on Windows
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tas50 Release 2.0.1
Signed-off-by: Tim Smith <>
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chocolatey Cookbook

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Install Chocolatey with the default recipe.



  • Windows


  • 12.7 or greater


As of Chocolatey version the install directory for Chocolatey has changed from C:\Chocolatey to C:\ProgramData\Chocolatey.

More information can be gotten from the Chocolateywiki.


All attributes below are pre-pended with node['chocolatey']

Attribute Description Type Default
['upgrade'] Whether to upgrade Chocolatey if it's already installed Boolean false
['install_vars']['chocolateyProxyLocation'] HTTPS proxy for Chocolatey install script String Chef::Config['https_proxy'] or ENV['https_proxy']
['install_vars']['chocolateyProxyUser'] Proxy user for authenticating proxies String nil
['install_vars']['chocolateyProxyPassword'] Proxy user password String nil
['install_vars']['chocolateyVersion'] Version of Chocolatey to install, e.g. '' String nil (download latest version)
['install_vars']['chocolateyDownloadUrl'] Chocolatey .nupkg file URL. Use this if you host an internal copy of the chocolatey.nupkg String (download from
['install_vars']['chocolateyUseWindowsCompression'] To use built-in compression instead of 7zip (requires additional download) set to true String nil (use 7zip)


  • chocolatey::default - installs Chocolatey

License and Maintainer

Maintainer:: Guilhem Lettron (

License:: Apache 2.0