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A nodejs backend for social network streams using a server sent event stream.
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NodeJS Stream

An example NodeJS application which uses an event-stream to push notifications to the client side using server side events. Firehose provided by Twitter, Meetup, and Digg.


You may need to install some missing modules with npm.

Once npm is installed, you can checkout the source and install the missing modules:

$ git clone
$ cd ./nodejs-stream
$ npm install
$ node stream.js

Browse to your localhost (ie: in your web browser.


Configure your twitter account username and password.

Method 1:

$ export TWITTER_USERNAME='your_username';
$ export TWITTER_PASSWORD='your_password';

Method 2:

...or edit config.js and set your twitter username password.

config.twitter_username = process.env.TWITTER_USERNAME || 'my_username';
config.twitter_password = process.env.TWITTER_PASSWORD || 'my_password';


Copy config.sample.js to config.js. Edit config.js and set your port number to listen on and IP address (you can use 'localhost' too).

config.port = 8080;
config.address = '';
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