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Reads RR peaks measured with the EliteHRV app into a DataFrame
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EliteHRV to Pandas DataFrame

This script takes a text file of RR interval exported from the EliteHRV app and reads it into a Pandas DataFrame as a time series.

RR Peaks as a timeseries

Getting started

Download or clone the repo, then place your exported data in the data/eliteHRV folder. To use the script import the module and call the importDriveData() function. Indept description of the project is on my blog

import importhrv as imp
df = imp.importDriveData()

The function can take two paramters

  • Path
  • FileType
df = imp.importDriveData('data/eliteHRV/export/', "*.txt")

See "" for example usage. Some demo data is included.

Plotting the data as a time series

The DataFrame can be plotted by using normal pandas commands

df.reset_index().plot(x="time", y=['interval in seconds'])


  • Christopher Ottesen


Thanks to EliteHRV for their hard work!

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