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NrrwRgn plugin Say Thanks!

A Vim plugin for focussing on a selected region

This plugin is inspired by the Narrowing feature of Emacs and means to focus on a selected region while making the rest inaccessible. You simply select the region, call :NR and the selected part will open in a new split window while the rest of the buffer will be protected. Once you are finished, simply write the narrowed window (:w) and all the changes will be moved back to the original buffer.

See also the following screencast, that shows several features available: screencast of the plugin


Use the plugin manager of your choice. Or download the stable version of the plugin, edit it with Vim (vim NrrwRgn-XXX.vmb) and simply source it (:so %). Restart and take a look at the help (:h NrrwRgn.txt)


Once installed, take a look at the help at :h NarrowRegion.

Here is a short overview of the functionality provided by the plugin:

Ex commands:

:NR  - Open the selected region in a new narrowed window
:NW  - Open the current visual window in a new narrowed window
:WR  - (In the narrowed window) write the changes back to the original buffer.
:NRV - Open the narrowed window for the region that was last visually selected.
:NUD - (In a unified diff) open the selected diff in 2 Narrowed windows
:NRP - Mark a region for a Multi narrowed window
:NRM - Create a new Multi narrowed window (after :NRP) - experimental!
:NRS - Enable Syncing the buffer content back (default on)
:NRN - Disable Syncing the buffer content back
:NRL - Reselect the last selected region and open it again in a narrowed window

You can append ! to most commands to open the narrowed part in the current window instead of a new window. In the case of :WR, appending ! closes the narrowed window in addition to writing to the original buffer.

Visual mode commands:

<Leader>nr		 - Open the current visual selection in a new narrowed window

Scripting Functions:

nrrwrgn#NrrwRgnStatus()   - Return a dict with all the status information for the current window


:NRM is currently experimental

Similar Work

Andreas Politz' narrow_region
Kana Natsunos narrow
Jonas Kramers narrow
Marcin Szamotulskis ViewPort

License & Copyright

© 2009-2014 by Christian Brabandt. The Vim License applies. See :h license