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Plug mappings are ambiguous #9

guns opened this Issue June 29, 2012 · 4 comments

2 participants

Sung Pae chrisbra
Sung Pae
guns commented June 29, 2012


The plug mappings <Plug>NrrwrgnDo and <Plug>NrrwrgnDo1 are ambiguous
and cause a slight delay of timeoutlen ms, or a complete pause if set

What is happening is that Vim sees that the first mapping may
potentially be a subset of the second mappings and waits for timeout
ms before executing the mapping. If notimeout is set, it waits for
user input to disambiguate the name clash. At this point the user can
actually trigger <Plug>NrrwrgnDo1 by pressing: <Leader>nr1!

I changed my local copy to simply rename the bang versions of the plugs
to <Plug>NrrwrgnBangDo and <Plug>VisualNrrwBangRgn to resolve.

BTW, this is a separate issue, but the new mapping <Leader>Nr does not
reuse the same window like :NR!, as it seems intended to do.

Thanks for the software!


Thanks for the detailed feedback. I fixed it and it should work now.

Sung Pae
guns commented June 30, 2012

Who is Peng Su?


  • Sung Pae

Sorry, I'll update it in the documentation.

Sung Pae
guns commented July 01, 2012
chrisbra chrisbra closed this July 18, 2012
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