Small utilities for the OpenDJ LDAP server
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chrisridd Clean up topology2dot
Made it work with the graphviz circo tool, which entailed:
* using digraph not graph
* replacing colour names with hex
* setting style=filled on the DS and RS boxes
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Some small utilities for the OpenDJ LDAP server.

  • slowops - analyzes operation times in access logs
  • topfilters - analyze search filters in OpenDJ logs
  • watchdn - watch for operations affecting a given DN in access logs
  • decodecsn - decodes replication CSNs
  • topology2dot - displays a replication topology in Graphviz DOT format
  • dumpber - pretty-print BER-encoded files

The bbedit directory contains some useful things if you use a Mac and BBEdit or TextWrangler.

Ludovic Poitou has some tools on github too.

Note these are all unofficial and not supported in any way by ForgeRock. If they work and they're useful: great! If not, patches are welcome...