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@chummer5a chummer5a released this May 18, 2020 · 539 commits to master since this release

Build 212
Application Changes:

  • When entering Nuyen and Karma expenses for Working for the Man/People, it's now possible to flag the expense entry as always being present in the Expense log. This will in effect reduce the Career Karma or Career Nuyen by the selected amount. Closes #4096, closes #3613
  • Added InitiationGroup, InitiationOrdeal and InitiationSchooling option values for Submersion and Initiation respectively. Ensures that values are correct across multiple locations. Currently not exposed to user change.
  • Traditions that have an empty Drain value will automatically be permitted to choose their drain attribute. Allows the Toxic tradition to select the Drain attributes to use.
  • Added contributetobp property to Qualities as an accessible property via XML. Allows for a quality to contribute to your Limit, but not consume karma during character creation. Has no effect during career mode.
  • Exposed Note-fetching mechanism to Armor, Armor Mods, Cyberware, Gear, Lifestyle Qualities, Vehicles, Vehicle Mods, Weapons, and Weapon Accessories. When created, Chummer will attempt to fetch relevant text from the PDF, if it is linked.
  • Altered behaviour of special attributes having an effective metatype minimum below zero during character creation that requires spending additional priority points.
  • Added an optional rule to preserve existing behaviour.
  • Merged karma cost checks for Foci into the Focus object instead of separate Create and Career methods.
  • Added support for individualising a focus based on the rules presented in Street Grimoire on page 230.
  • Added support for Limit Conditions fetching their condition string from the language file instead of being baked into the object. Existing characters with these string will need to use Reapply Improvements to apply the new values.
  • Expanded functionality for the SelectText bonus type to allow providing a list of values from the XML files.
    This is provided by three node attributes:
    'xml' indicates the document to load from the data folder
    'xpath' indicates the nodes to be evaluated (Note that it's not necessary to include the final Name node
    'allowedit="True"' indicates that the user should be able to enter their own value. If not specified or 'False', the user can only choose from the filtered values.
    As an example, the SINner (Corporate) quality uses the following node: , while the Metaposeur bioware uses
    It's suggested that if you want to use a custom whitelist, take advantage of the customdata system to append nodes to options.xml; completely new files may work, but are unsupported at this time.
    Duplicate values will automatically be filtered.
  • Added better support for basic lifestyles and primary tenant/roommate splits bestween costs. Closes #4054
  • Altered spirit control to support width flexion due to different string lengths.
  • Fixed issues with vehicles not properly being allowed to select autosofts and such. Closes #3887
  • Fixed regression in condition monitor boxes > 24 not showing. Closes #4074
  • Right-hand panel now autoscrolls if window is below normal size. Closes #2829
  • Fixed weapons not properly clearing their weapon mount when moved between character and vehicle. Closes #4108

Application Fixes:

  • Fixed inability to click the Character Roster Watch Folder location. Closes #4047
  • Fixed a regression in behaviour of Initiation Group prompt to spend karma when selecting the Initiation tab.
  • Fixed an issue with ammo modification plugins for Weapon Mounts that caused some weapons to show 0 ammunition. Closes #4089
  • Fixed focus binding karma cost improvements incorrectly being applied to all focus types. This would be exhibited by an adept with the Athlete's Way being able to purchase Qi Foci used for Improved Ability with a total discount of 8 karma instead of 2. Closes #4094
  • Fixed an issue with the SelectPowers bonus that caused it to provide free power points instead of free levels for a power.
  • Fixed an issue with built-in weapon mount mods not being populated for vehicles.
  • Fixed a bug where canceling the creation of an advanced lifestyle would lead to orphaned improvements
  • Fixed behaviour of Mystic Adepts receiving Power Point discounts from their total magic instead of the number of power points that have been paid for.
  • Fixed a regression in behaviour of weapon mount options that caused them to be included in the cost of vehicles where the weapon mount comes with the weapon. Existing vehicles with this behaviour will need to be re-purchased.
  • Fixed a regression with Custom Traditions not being properly loaded. Closes #4077
  • Fixed a regression in behaviour of metagenetic qualities not loading their metagenic flag properly when using the old naming convention.
  • Fixed an issue with cyberware that uses FixedValues not correctly requesting Essence value recalculation when changing the Rating.
  • Fixed a crash when updating Spirit Maximum Force during create mode if the character was reduced to 0 MAG. Closes #4099

Data Changes:

  • Fixed incorrect stacking behaviour for the suprathyroid gland, muscle replacement and muscle toner that caused them to fail to stack correctly. (Muscle replacement, muscle augmentation and muscle toner shouldn't stack, but suprathyroid should)
  • Fixed incorrect Ammo Category on the Walther Secura Superkompakt.
  • Reduced Improved Synthskin max rating to 4.
  • Removed redundant selecttext bonuses from the synthlinks.
  • Added 'synthstruments' from Chrome Flesh as new gear objects copied from Run Faster.
  • Added capacity to False Face cyberware.
  • Flagged Stolen Gear and In Debt as not contributing to limit, as the karma these qualities provide spent on nuyen. Added customdata file to preserve existing behaviour.
  • Fixed an issue in character sheets not correctly showing values for 'already addicted' addiction resistance pools. Closes #4082
  • Added 'Reaper' variant of Slab drug from Chrome Flesh. Closes #4081
  • Added the Toxic tradition.
  • Fixed incorrect Karma value for the Sprite Combusion quality.
  • Yard lifestyle quality can now be taken multiple times. Fixes incorrect page references for Yard and Zen Den.
  • Added new Focus objects in gear.xml to support Individualising Focus rules from Street Grimoire.
  • Added amend files to remove the requirement for the toxic tradition and toxic mentors from requiring the Twisted Way.
  • Resolved an issue with character sheets not properly showing programs connected to a piece of cyberware.
  • Reverted shapeshifter metatypes improperly flagging metatype qualities as shapeshifter or metahuman forms only.
  • Fixed an incorrect bonus for the Mystic Guardian mentor that caused it to provide incorrect bonus types.
  • Metaposeur bioware includes metatype prompts now.
  • Removed redundant selecttext improvement for Anti-tox nanoware.
  • Fixed bonus type for Cyberlimb Optimisation to properly increase dicepools for the selected Skill.
  • Added whitelisted selecttext improvements for most current uses of the improvement type.
  • Replaced incorrect bonus for Nephritic Screen (2050)

Changed/new strings:

  • Checkbox_Options_UnclampAttributeMinimum
  • String_ExpenseJoinNetwork
  • Checkbox_NetworkSubmersion
  • Checkbox_JoinedNetwork
  • Checkbox_GroupInitiation
  • Checkbox_InitiationOrdeal
  • Checkbox_InitiationSchooling
  • Checkbox_NetworkSubmersion
  • Checkbox_SubmersionTask
  • Checkbox_Expense_ForceCareerVisible
  • LimitCondition_ExcludeIntimidation
  • LimitCondition_ExcludeFansGangers
  • LimitCondition_SportsFans
  • LimitCondition_ShieldPhysicalPenalty
  • LimitCondition_ExcludeIntimidationVisible
  • LimitCondition_ClimbingTests
  • LimitCondition_GangVisible
  • LimitCondition_PublicVisible
  • LimitCondition_Megacorp
  • LimitCondition_Sprawl
  • LimitCondition_Visible
  • LimitCondition_NationalLanguageRanks
  • LimitCondition_BunkerGearVisible
  • LimitCondition_AttribAGI
  • LimitCondition_SkillsKnowledgeAcademic
  • LimitCondition_SkillsActiveContortion
  • LimitCondition_SkillsActiveDisguiseImpersonation
  • LimitCondition_SkillsActiveEscapeArtistGrappleLoose
  • LimitCondition_SkillsActiveEscapeArtist
  • LimitCondition_SkillsActiveFirstAidMedicine
  • LimitCondition_CyberwareBalanceTail
  • LimitCondition_SkillsActiveGymnasticsClimbing
  • LimitCondition_CyberwareHydraulicJacks
  • LimitCondition_IntimidationVisible
  • LimitCondition_Intimidation
  • LimitCondition_SkillsActiveNavigation
  • LimitCondition_SkillsActivePerceptionHearing
  • LimitCondition_SkillsActivePerceptionVisual
  • LimitCondition_SkillsActivePerceptionSpatialRecognizer
  • LimitCondition_SkillsActivePerception
  • LimitCondition_SkillsActivePerformanceSinging
  • LimitCondition_SkillsActivePerformanceSynthtrument
  • LimitCondition_SkillsActivePerformance
  • LimitCondition_SkillsKnowledgeScientificTechnical
  • LimitCondition_Skillwires
  • LimitCondition_TestSneakingThermal
  • LimitCondition_SkillsActiveSneaking
  • LimitCondition_SkillsActiveSneakingNaked
  • LimitCondition_SkillsActiveSneakingVisible
  • LimitCondition_SkillGroupStealthNaked
  • LimitCondition_SkillGroupStealth
  • LimitCondition_SkillsActiveSwimming
  • LimitCondition_KnockdownResistanceFootAnchor
  • LimitCondition_CyberwareCyberfins
  • LimitCondition_GearAutopicker
  • LimitCondition_QualityTrustworthy
  • LimitCondition_TestSpeech
  • LimitCondition_TestsEndurance
  • LimitCondition_CyberwareRaptorFoot
  • LimitCondition_QualityChatty
  • LimitCondition_InUse
  • LimitCondition_CyberwareMonkeyFoot
  • LimitCondition_TestAttribINT
  • LimitCondition_AttribSkillINT
  • LimitCondition_TestAttribLOG
  • LimitCondition_AttribSkillLOG
  • LimitCondition_CorporationVisible
  • LimitCondition_CyberwareSnakeFingers
  • LimitCondition_SportsRivals
  • Label_Sprite_TasksOwed
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