Road & Traffic Prototype 1.1

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(Citybound v0.1.1)


Download & Changelog

Minimum Requirements

  • x86_64 Windows/MacOS/Linux Platform
  • OpenGL 3.2 compliant graphics card with newest drivers
  • Good luck


  • You might need to explicitly allow running untrusted applications on Windows & MacOS
  • You need to mark the file as executable under linux

How to report bugs

Other Feedback

The best way to provide all kinds of feedback is to create a post in the official community

Controls (NEW!)


  • Pan Camera: Shift + Move Mouse or W/A/S/D or /// (NEW)
  • Zoom Camera: Scroll Up/Down (NEW)
  • Rotate/Pitch Camera: Alt + Move Mouse (NEW)

Drawing Road Strokes

  • Create new stroke: Click for each control point
  • Double Click last control point to finish stroke.
  • Undo: Ctrl + Z / Cmd + Z
  • Redo: Ctrl + Shift + Z / Cmd + Shift + Z
  • Set number of lanes for next stroke: 1, 2, ..., 9
  • Toggle one-way road: 0

Manipulating Road Strokes

Depending on the zoom level, you either manipulate a whole road, one side of a road or a single lane.

  • Select road/side/lane stretch: Click & Drag along road/side/lane
  • Deselect all: Click into nowhere
  • Delete selected road/side/lane stretch: Backspace
  • Move selected road/side/lane stretch: Click & Drag blue selection
  • Create parallel lane: Hover + Click immediately right of selection
  • Continue road/side/lane: Click road/side/lane close to its start or end

Building Roads

  • Implement plan: Return

Spawning Cars

  • Spawn cars: C (you can see the number of cars in the small debug text in the top left corner as "batch 8000")
    • Make sure you actually built roads, not just drew a plan!

Creating a grid

  • Create 10x10 grid plan: G
  • Create 15x15 grid plan: Shift + G
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